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Rounding Out 2014

December 30, 2014

96 dpi 8x10 Bonnie RebeccaSunday, December 21, we worshipped with the Old Union Church of Christ in the morning as we like to do when we are in town and not on the road. Our car’s GPS even assumes that is where we are going Sunday mornings without me even consulting it. Sunday evening, we worshipped with the West President Church of Christ of Christ, which we are prone to do when not traveling stateside or abroad.

Christmas was quiet and relaxed at our home in Winona. Our daughter Rebecca has been with us for the break from school – she is a teacher. It has been and is a real pleasure as well as a great assist to Bonnie and me to have her with us. December 25 also happens to be Bonnie’s birthday. We don’t exchange gifts anymore, but we count each other as the best possible gift of all. Frankly, I was at a loss what to buy for her after she advised me that she doesn’t want any more jewelry; we get whatever we need throughout the year, and really, we don’t need or desire anything much. After all, the walls are plastered with hanging things, and the floor space is exhausted. Though not divulging her age, Bonnie will still be three years younger than me when I turn 61-years-old on January 3, 2015.

Friday was the occasion of another chemotherapy in Jackson, MS. Sunday all day, Bonnie and I with Rebecca in tow were with the Indianola, MS Church of Christ. Brother Gene Hill who preaches regularly for the congregation was away, and I was filling in for him.

Saturday night, I found a PowerPoint lesson on which I had worked previously and amended it for use in the Sunday morning Bible class. I must have been cross-eyed when I was working on it as I carelessly and unintentionally merged two lines in a chart contrasting the Old Testament with the New Testament.

For morning worship, I preached From Creation Until Now, starting with the created universe that evidences a Creator/Designer and moving to His written, revealed will in the Bible – comprised of Patriarchy, Judaism and Christianity. That evening, I preached about Rearing Children, to a smaller crowd of mostly elderly folks! Grandparents, aunts and uncles likewise have the potential of favorably influencing the childrearing of grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors, etc.

Once more, Bonnie and I, this time Rebecca, too, were guests of James and Deanie Bradshaw. They had a house full of family and Christian brethren. Two couples who formerly lived and worshipped in Indianola were back visiting. There were 10 of us.

After evening worship and in the cold rainy night, we started our 1-hour trek along US 82 back to our Winona home. First, though, we stopped to fuel the car and ourselves at the new Love’s gas station/restaurant. When I walked into Hardee’s to find my wife and daughter after I gassed the car, a truck driver seated there intercepted me with a hearty welcome and asked how services were. At first I didn’t know to what he was referring, but he pegged me for a preacher I suppose because I was wearing a suit and long-sleeved, white dress shirt (minus the tie that I had already jettisoned). So, I gave him a million dollar bill tract with the plan of salvation on the back of it and proceed to head for the men’s room after locating my family. Bonnie said that I caused a little disturbance (she called it a riot) over the million dollar bill; it has the plan of salvation on the back of it.

Monday and Tuesday, I worked on the January issue of Gospel Gazette Online while Bonnie worked on volume 83 of The Voice of Truth International. We also shipped just under 4,000 copies of The Voice of Truth International to Christians stateside and in some US territories. We expect to enjoy a quiet New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day at home, joined by Rebecca. Her last chore before heading home will be to help us dismantle our Christmas decorations and get them tucked away again in the attic; Bonnie cannot help me get the boxes into or out of the attic anymore. Friday, January 2 Bonnie will have chemotherapy again, and on Saturday I will have my birthday.

Bonnie has good days and bad days; she still manages to put in half days at the office. We think that she is having better days than what she has experienced most of the time over the last few months. That being the case, I need to put plans in high gear for my planned 5-week mission trip to Guyana, South America. January 16, 2015, Bonnie will have a CT scan to help the oncologist determine our next steps in combating Bonnie’s pancreatic cancer. I have misgivings about planning anything presently and hardly no which way to go. Thank you for your interest, well-wishing and prayers, which come to us daily in snail-mail and email boxes, as well as by texts and phone calls. 

A Week Gone By

February 2, 2014

Sunday, January 26, Bonnie and I worshipped in the a.m. with the Old Union Church of Christ in Carroll County, Mississippi. That evening, we worshipped with the brethren of the West President Church of Christ in Leflore County, Mississippi.

Wednesday, our trip to Jackson, MS, where I was to teach the auditorium class for the Siwell Road Church of Christ, was cancelled due to inclement, winter weather. Therefore, we changed course and attended Bible class with the Elliott Church of Christ in Grenada County, Mississippi.

Thursday, among other things, we shipped 54 cases of The Voice of Truth International. All week, Bonnie and I were busy finishing our lessons for our February mission trip to Guyana, South America. In addition, we attended other duties that typically punctuate our days at the World Evangelism Building (warehouse/office complex).

Friday, we drove to Collierville, TN to the home of our daughter Rebecca.

Saturday was a travel day! We reluctantly arose at 3 a.m. to go to the Memphis International Airport. From there, we flew to Charlotte, NC, before flying onward to Miami, Fl. Our third plane ride for the day took us to Georgetown, Guyana, with a stopover in Port of Spain in the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, we bedded down in Linden, Guyana around 1 a.m. Guyanese time.

Sunday, Bonnie and I worshipped with the Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ in Linden. No one takes a count, but the building was packed—with maybe 400 present. The week prior, even more attended, requiring extra seating to be brought from classrooms—and some still had to stand. A larger building is under construction on the adjacent lot—being built by church member labor.

It was my pleasure to speak for both the class and the worship. In the Bible class, I showed the congregation the PowerPoint that I showed in the States about our 2013 Nationwide Seminars in Guyana. For worship, I preached “Which Covenant.”

Monday, we will begin the seminar program throughout Guyana by traveling by small plane to Lethem on the Brazilian border. Tuesday and Wednesday by day we will have the seminar for members of the church, and by night, we will have a Gospel meeting. Last year, 170 showed up for the evening program. This year, Bonnie will teach ladies, while Latchmenarine “Joe” Latchmenarine (yes, his first name and his last name are the same—no, not one name, but the same name twice!) and I teach the men and combined sessions. More details and pictures to follow, God willing.

Hanging around Mississippi

May 26, 2013

Me PuebloSunday, May 26, found Bonnie and me hanging around Mississippi. Our Sunday appointments were close by, so we did not need to travel on Saturday to accommodate them. In the absence of Mike Schmitz, preacher for the Old Union Church of Christ in Carroll County, it was my privilege to teach the auditorium Bible class that morning (Which Covenant?) and preach during the worship session that followed (Why Do the Churches of Christ Not Use Instrumental Music in Worship?). Three families besides us lingered after all others had departed, and we had our own little fellowship meal together. Lately, we have grown particularly close to Kevin and Angie Kimble as well as close to Adam and Melanie Fowler. It was with them we dined and with Adam’s father.

Next, we headed to Batesville, MS to redeem the carwash I mistakenly purchased at the gas station across the lane carwash facility last Monday evening, only to discover that the carwash was closed. We also shopped a couple of stores to buy a couple of skirts and a blouse for Bonnie. We had a little time on our hands before our next appointment.

Still early, we pulled up into the parking lot for the Courtland, MS Church of Christ. Shortly thereafter, Luke Hall, preacher for the congregation discovered us and let us into the meetinghouse. A little later, his wife Melinda joined us in the auditorium. I had plenty of time to set up the PowerPoint about our 2012-2013 Mission Trips and layout our display material, too.

Both congregations are greatly encouraging to Bonnie and me in our labors stateside and abroad for the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, both churches participate enthusiastically with us in a financial way. Brethren like these not only make it possible for us to do what we do, but they likewise lift our spirits.

After evening worship, brother and sister Hall treated Bonnie and me to supper at a very savory Mexican restaurant in Batesville. I am predictable and ate my usual – ground beef burrito with beans and rice. We enjoyed fellowship together before parting from one another for a long while after the meal was over. This young couple has much promise in the service of the King over the decades that may lie ahead.

We arrive back in Winona about 9:30 p.m. Bonnie was tired, but I was tired, too. Nevertheless, we stayed up late as a preface of a sleepy night opening up into a lazy holiday morning – Memorial Day.