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Beginning 2017

February 9, 2017

96-dpi-wedding-25Since this is my first blog, I will start with January 1, 2017. Louis and I were married at my home in Ocala, FL between services with five of our children, three of our grandchildren and a few close friends present. Colin Williamson tied-the-knot, and he did it very tightly.

We did not have time for a honeymoon. After church services, we spent Sunday evening with our family since we do not get to see them very often as we live so far apart. It was good laughing and enjoying one another—bonding the two families together even though we have known each other for over 25 years.

On Monday, we shuttled Rebecca, Raymond, Bob, Carla and Bryan to the Orlando International Airport so they could fly to Tennessee and Ohio—back home to work. They had quite a lot of interesting experiences before getting home. Rebecca’s flight was delayed, but she did make it home that evening. The other four’s flights were cancelled until the next day because of heavy fog and mechanical problems with the plane. Needless to say, lots of prayers were said, and patience was needed.

Louis and I started our marriage on the run, and this is how we like it. We are now in Guyana, South America for six weeks—working for the Lord and enjoying every day with which the Lord has blessed us.

Thorn between Two Roses

December 19, 2016
Thorn between Two Roses

Thorn between Two Roses

Sunday, December 18, Martha, my bride-elect, and I plus my daughter Rebecca assembled with the Old Union Church of Christ in rural Carroll County, Mississippi. I made my PowerPoint presentation regarding my ministry and mission work during the Bible class period, and for worship, I preached “Come Meet Jesus Christ as Head of His Church, Head of His Body & Head of His House (Family).” I truly feel at home with these good brethren, and they are among my largest supporters for foreign missions. The moral support and encouragement that I received from them as well is a tremendous boost in so many ways to all that I attempt to do in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now, the Old Union congregation has graciously accepted Martha as my partner and co-laborer, for which I am very grateful and exceedingly thankful.

96-dpi-4x6-rebecca-martha-1Monday, Rebecca, Martha and I proceeded to the Memphis International Airport. With teary eyes, hugs and kisses—PDA (Public Display of Affection) notwithstanding—Martha and I parted company for a time as she returned to her Florida home; a week later, Rebecca and I will drive to Ocala, FL. Martha came for a visit as my dear friend and left as the soon-to-be Mrs. Martha Rushmore. We have been friends for 25 years or so, and she was Bonnie’s best friend. It is almost as though I inherited her, but together we will limp through the balance of our lives and in the service of our Lord as best that we can—stateside and abroad. January 24, Martha and I leave for Guyana, South America and return March 9. Before and after that stint abroad, Martha will accompany me to preaching appointments twice in Arkansas, once in Kentucky and once in Georgia.

96-dpi-martha-louis-3Martha’s childhood fantasy was to be married in her parents’ living room on New Year’s Day. Whereas that did not come to pass nearly half a century ago when she married Robert Noland, this time around, we intend to fulfill that dream. January 1, 2017, Lord willing, we will be wed in her Ocala, FL living room. Joining us in this celebration will be our children and some Christian friends. Martha and I have each healed a hole in our respective hearts from the sorrow of having lost our spouses; though we will continue to remember them fondly, we will press forward—hand-in-hand.

When not in Asian countries or in one South American country, we will reside mostly winter months in Florida and the balance of the year in Mississippi—a summer home and a winter home on the order of the old Persian rulers of antiquity, though surely not as luxuriously. This will also facilitate visiting and speaking more easily for congregations in different regions of the country.

Though not asking for gifts, nevertheless, certainly we solicit your prayers and well wishes. May God bless you, Dear Readers, and us, too, in whatever days that may lie ahead for as long as we live or until our Lord returns to retrieve His own.

Two of Us, Again!

December 16, 2016
Martha Lynn & Louis Everette Rushmore

Martha Lynn & Louis Everette Rushmore

No amount of time and no one can replace my dear, sweet Bonnie, who left this life and entered into eternal life on May 18, 2015. These many months since then to the present have tortured me relentlessly. Bonnie knew better than me that it would be so, and a couple of weeks before she died, Bonnie told me that she wanted me to marry again.

Martha Lynn & Louis Everette Rushmore

Martha Lynn & Louis Everette Rushmore

On December 16, 2015, Robert Noland passed away, incidentally also because of the dreaded disease of pancreatic cancer. He left behind Bonnie’s best friend, Martha Lynn, who painfully grieved continually. Martha and Bob have been precious and close friends of Bonnie and me for decades.

To the surprise of few family members and Christian friends who know us both—and yet a surprise to the two of us—Martha and I have found comfort from our sorrows and loneliness in each other. Lord willing, we will wed on January 1, 2017 at her home in Ocala, Florida.

Immediately, we will travel together to stateside preaching appointments that I have already scheduled. In addition, on January 24, we will leave together on jet airplanes to labor in Guyana, South America through March 9. As soon as we return to the USA, we will travel to additional stateside appointments that I have scheduled. Maybe sometime thereafter we will pause somewhat and take a little honeymoon.

I never imagined that again there would be two of us waddling through life toward eternity together. There are two of us—again! We purpose to glorify God, edify our fellow man and help each other make it to heaven—together! Though not desiring any gifts or presents, we do covet your prayers and well wishes.

BTW, two pictures accompany this post. Martha likes one better than the other, and I like the other one. Can you guess which is which?