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September 21, 2015

Just this past Wednesday (September 16), I traveled the three hours one way from Winona, MS to an appointment in Bear Creek, AL, before making my way back to Winona around midnight the same day. Before assembling with the Bear Creek church of Christ that night, I had a supper appointment with fellow preacher Robin Dunaway at a Mexican restaurant in Haleyville, AL; he bought my late wife Bonnie’s computer to replace his ailing machine. At Bear Creek, I made my PowerPoint presentation, “Overview & Update,” about World Evangelism.

On Sunday, I traveled four and a half hours back to Alabama to be with the Antioch church of Christ (outside of Killen, AL) for all three services. In the absence of the congregation’s minister, I once more presented “Overview & Update” for Bible class, and I preached “The Church in Prophecy” and “Redemption, Forgiveness, Justification & Sanctification” respectively for a.m. and p.m. worship periods. During the afternoon, it was my good fortune to be the guest for lunch and relaxation afterward of brother and sister Peck of the Antioch congregation.

Following evening worship, I journeyed two and a half hours to my daughter’s home in Collierville, TN. Wednesday morning, I will board the first of three jet airplanes in succession that will whisk me away to Singapore, arriving on Friday, September 25 just after midnight their time. Before leaving on Wednesday, there are some details that I must attend in last minute preparation for my fall mission trip. Lord willing, I will return to the States on November 17.

After teaching and preaching in Singapore for a few days, I will travel to Myanmar (Burma) where I will teach and preach for two weeks. From there, I will go to Sri Lanka via Malaysia aboard an infamous of over the last two years airline’s craft. Upon completing my teaching and preaching in Colombo, Sri Lanka during the span of a weekend, I will fly to New Delhi, India. There, Indian Christians and I will ride a train for 24 hours and a car for three more hours to arrive at my next preaching and teaching venue. Days later, we will retrace our steps to Delhi, whereupon I will teach for a few days in that city.

Leaving New Delhi, I will fly as close as I can to Kakinada, India on the Bay of Bengal, but the last little bit will require an hour’s ride in a car; the same is true respecting nearly any airport into which or out of which I fly often in the States or abroad.

A week and a half later, I will fly to Bangalore, India. There the plan is to ride about eight hours by car to Namakkal, India where I will teach and preach for about a week. Finally back in Bangalore, Lord willing, I will finish this year’s trip around the world by flying to Paris, France before flying onward to Memphis, TN.

Soon, then, I will be off on a two-month excursion to four Asian countries. Brethren, your prayers, moral support and financial participation are much appreciated.

Breaking News: Two of my flights in October were just cancelled by the airline. Perhaps Tuesday (one day before I leave the USA) I will know which flights will replace them and at what cost. Apparently, that snafu will take from me a day in Sri Lanka!

Traveling Man

July 28, 2015

This past Wednesday (July 22nd) evening, I acquainted the Huntsville Church of Christ outside of French Camp, Mississippi with an “Overview & Update” of World Evangelism. This congregation is close enough to the World Evangelism Building in Winona to be a frequent participant in various activities to help us along in our labors for the Lord.

The church sent back with me a communion set and collection plates that are no longer in use there. In addition, various pieces of literature that have life left and that also are not in use will be gathered for us, too. We at World Evangelism can evaluate, repackage and deliver usable Bibles, Gospel papers, songbooks, etc. to English speaking people abroad. We match these items up with containers that various churches of Christ are loading for overseas shipment. Every congregation has a dark, out-of-the-way closet in the meetinghouse crammed full of material not being used anymore but too good to throw away. We can take care of that for you; send it to us and we will find a new home for it in the hands of foreign brethren who are starved for Gospel literature.

Farmer's Bootjack

Farmer’s Bootjack

Saturday was a travel day. Five hours of driving placed me in the highlands of Arkansas for a speaking appointment with the Center Ridge Church of Christ. Once more, I was the guest of good friends, encouragers and brethren, brother Garry and sister Melissa Polk. They fed me better than I deserved, both with home cooking Saturday and with a fine Sunday lunch at a Mexican restaurant a few miles from their home. I nearly lingered too long to conveniently drive to my Sunday evening appointment.

For the Bible class hour Sunday morning, I made my PowerPoint presentation “Overview & Update” about World Evangelism. I mentioned also my plans to make a mission trip from late September into November to India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Singapore. During worship, I rehearsed my PowerPoint presentation “The Church in Prophecy.”

Ark of the Covenant for VBS

Ark of the Covenant for VBS

GPS faithfully led me over the hills and through the woods for 2½ hours to be with the Imboden, AR Church of Christ that evening. Due to funeral home viewing for a deceased member, evening worship was moved up to 5 p.m. The downside of that for me was my timely arrival, but the upside was that I could arrive at my way station later that night—my daughter Rebecca’s home in Collierville, Tennessee. Again, I presented my PowerPoint lesson “Overview & Update.”

Both of the churches for which I spoke Sunday are regular supporters of my effort to serve our Lord stateside and especially abroad. Furthermore, members of both congregations also support my world evangelism.

Per my plan, I stayed the night with Rebecca in her home. On the morrow, we had “brunch” together at Cracker Barrel; we shared a pecan pancake breakfast with trimmings. Reluctantly then, I left her house shortly thereafter and headed back home to Winona. Particularly the long drives by myself accentuate my loneliness and bring about sorrow and tears. Around 3 p.m., I pulled into my driveway. That night, the air conditioner broke down!

When not a traveling man, I am working faithfully on Volume 86 of The Voice of Truth International, readying it for the printing company; several of us are doing our various parts to prepare it for production soon. Simultaneously, I have been working on the August edition of Gospel Gazette Online. Besides those projects, I have begun proofing a book manuscript submitted for my review by a Gospel preacher and friend.

Then, there was the lawn mowing, preceded by two hours of picking up tree debris—two wheelbarrows full! The good news is that the air conditioner has been fixed.

I continue working on Gospel Gazette Online, The Voice of Truth International, planning stateside and foreign trips, and proofreading a book manuscript. Late into the night and earnestly by day I thrust myself into my work for the Lord, among other reasons being to distract my sorrow. Thank you for your interest and encouragement.