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Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ Ladies’ Day

February 8, 2014

by Bonnie Rushmore

Ladies' Inspiration Day

The ladies of the Amelia’s Ward congregation are to be applauded. For several months they have been preparing for this day – a Ladies’ Inspiration Day – a day of fellowship and study of God’s Word with sisters from other locations. Their hard work came to fruition with over three hundred ladies in attendance from thirteen congregations. The building was packed, extra seating was brought out of the classrooms and some were sitting in the doorways.

Ladies' Inspiration DayThe building was beautifully decorated to the theme “Colors of the Rainbow – Depicting the Christian Lifestyle.” Each guest was exuberantly greeted with a warm welcome. The day was filled with songs, prayers, poems and four ladies were selected to have their feet washed as an act of showing love for our sisters. One lady gave a brief lesson on the “Rainbow and its use in the Bible” (Genesis 9:12-17; Revelation 4:3). I was privileged to present a lesson on the “Parable of the Talents” with an emphasis on working together to use our talents to glorify God. Another lady presented information on “Breast Cancer.”

Ladies' Inspiration DayA mid-morning snack and lunch were provided to all attendees. The attendance was so great that by the time the visitors and their male drivers were fed, the ladies who worked so hard preparing and serving were left with nothing to eat. They planned on feeding 250 and fed about 325. It was a good day of fellowship and learning.

Ladies' Inspiration DayAs the guests left, the local ladies began cleaning and straightening the building in preparation for Lord’s Day worship tomorrow. Already, they are talking about next year’s program.

Bed & Breakfast Bounce — Mississippi to Tennessee to Arkansas and Back

February 20, 2012

Saturday, February 18, Bonnie and I awoke in Collierville, TN at our daughter’s home. We arrived the night before, poising ourselves for Bonnie to attend the ladies’ inspiration day with the Collierville Church of Christ Saturday, before aiming our car toward Sunday appointments in Arkansas. Rebecca also extended hospitality to Bob and Martha Noland at her bed and breakfast; the Nolands spent a few days with Bonnie and me in Winona, MS following the Freed Hardeman University Lectureship.

Early Saturday evening, we arrived at the home of Garry and Melissa Polk near Center Ridge, AR. They are farmers and the parents of four grown children. Formerly dairy farmers, they are now beef farmers. Garry is a hopeless romantic; he gave Melissa a new hay rake for Mother’s Day and a new John Deere tractor with an enclosed cab for Christmas. Melissa was thrilled with both.

We are always well received by the congregation, and we enjoy our time with them. For Bible class, I presented by PowerPoint Into All the World in 2011. For worship, I preached Worshipping Almighty God Acceptably and with Godly Fear. Following lunching with the Polks on a delicious pork roast and trimmings; Melissa was a little concerned that the preacher may have led to overcooking the roast, but it was fine.

Sunday afternoon, we argued with the GPS as it directed us southeast to our northeast evening destination. Lo and behold, going over the mountains instead of around them immediately cut 30 minutes from our travel time. Since when does the selection “fastest route” permit the device to opt out of hilly, curvy roads? Sometimes, GPS doesn’t have a clue! One time in Alabama, we literally ended up traveling through a cow pasture with cattle up close and personal because there were road signs on either side of the path.

Sharon Murphy had homemade cookies awaiting us upon our arrival at her and Gevan’s home outside of Imboden, AR. That evening I updated the congregation there with Into All the World in 2011. Afterward, we returned to our own bed and breakfast, Rebecca’s home in Collierville, TN. Monday, we went back to our base of operations in Winona, MS. In the weeks ahead, we will be in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama.

“Two Mrs. P’s: Polar Opposites”

September 10, 2011

Friday, September 9, Bonnie and I left the Winona office a little after noon, threw some clothes in a suitcase and headed for Batesville, AR. Four and a half hours of driving and one brief bathroom break later, we checked into the Best Western Scenic View motel; it overlooks the city hundreds of feet below, accessed by the 25 mph snaking curve.

Usually, Bonnie rides along to appointments where I will be speaking, and sometimes we are both speakers at a lectureship, for instance. This Saturday, though, Bonnie was speaking in a Ladies’ Inspiration Day, and I was tagging along with her (as the designated driver, though she volunteered to share some of the driving).

Bonnie’s lesson was entitled “Two Mrs. P’s: Polar Opposites.” She taught about the unnamed Bible characters of Mrs. Peter and Mrs. Potiphar, contrasting their attributes. This type of a lesson also emphasizes the difference between Bible reading and Bible study; studying the Bible is more productive ultimately than Bible reading alone. Her presentation was a combination of two chapters in her new book Living Principles: Gleanings from Unnamed and Named Bible Characters. Approximately 76 sisters in Christ from several congregations attended.

You may desire to schedule Bonnie for a future Ladies’ Inspiration Day or other ladies’ lectures or classes; you may reach her at You may also contact Bonnie if you are interested in acquiring her book Living Principles at the reduced, special price of $5.00 plus shipping and packaging. See other ladies’ class books, among hundreds of Bible study books at,

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