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The Other Days

June 20, 2011

Saturday, June 18, Bonnie and I devoted ourselves to more yard and home maintenance, despite the hot, hot, sweaty day. Bright and early, a workman arrived (after literally months of trying to get another fellow or him to actually show up to do the work) to install an outside water spigot; for nearly four years, we have run a water hose around the exterior of the house. That was especially a nuisance since the hose obstructed the opening and closing of a door on a shed affixed to the house.

Heavy winds a few days earlier littered our yard with tree debris. The pine trees are extremely messy, and they liter our yard with pine cones, branches and needles every time we have a storm of any degree. However, the severe winds, topping 70 mph, caused other trees to freely drop limbs and leaves everywhere; of course, the heavy winds caused the pine trees to give us more of their refuse than normal, too. We swept the yard with a riding lawnmower drawn rake, used a leaf blower and raked by hand until the landscape was presentable once more. I trimmed bushes with a newly acquired, battery operated hedge trimmer – making it easier to reach bushes far from an electrical outlet.

After we got cleaned up, Bonnie and I worked on our classes to be taught next month in Guyana, South America. That’s just a beginning, as we must put much more time into that before we will be ready. In addition, we continue to work on The Voice of Truth International so it can go to the printing company in early July. It is past time to work on the next issue of Gospel Gazette Online, and we need to work more on the upcoming issue of Global Harvest magazine.

Sunday morning, we drove to the Siwell Road Church of Christ meetinghouse in Jackson, MS. There, we attended a Bible class taught by Dale Ledbetter, one of the elders. We worshipped with the congregation in the next hour, at which time it was announced that Bonnie and I are placing our membership with the congregation. The Siwell Road Church of Christ assumes our oversight and sponsorship for our mission work officially on July 1. Mark Polk, one of the brethren with whom we will be working closely and Bonnie and I lunched together at a Mexican restaurant not far away.

Sunday evening, we plus Rebecca who had come to our house in the afternoon worshipped with the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS. When in town, we often attend there, especially for Wednesday evening Bible classes. This congregation is very mission-minded, too.

Days between travel and events are punctuated with working in the print shop at World Evangelism (e.g., binding books, printing envelopes and order forms, etc.) and daily duties to help keep the behind the scenes activities going that are so essential to the stateside travel and foreign mission work. Please remember us from time to time in your prayers.

Catch Us If You Can!

May 5, 2011

Sunday, May 1, Bonnie and I were guests of Emma and Robert Johnson and the Tenth Avenue Church of Christ in Columbus, MS. By special request, instead of making my presentation about our 2010 mission trips to India and Myanmar (Burma), I taught The Parable of the Sower during Bible class and preached What Is Jesus’ Plan for My Life? during worship. Introduction of me by brother Johnson to the assembly acknowledged our mission work and the congregation’s intention to continue participating financially with us in future mission trips. This congregation always encourages us and gives Bonnie and me the best of welcomes. In addition, brother and sister Johnson and the Tenth Avenue church are gracious to feed us well in the afternoon – whenever the visiting speaker (me) finishes up. Brother Johnson and I, according to comparing notes and with the confirmation of our wives, think a lot about eating (though we practice moderation). There is nothing that I enjoy more than teaching and preaching every opportunity I have, especially before precious souls who really appreciate it.

Monday evening, Paula and Jerry Bates returned from several weeks in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India. Tuesday, we “debriefed” Jerry and Paula about their mission trips. Wednesday for lunch, we commemorated Jerry’s birthday at the best Mexican restaurant in Winona, MS (and one of the best anywhere); it was hard, but I refrained from posting the picture of Jerry with a lavender sombrero on his head and whip cream on his face. In the evening, I taught another lesson on the identity of the church for the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS. Happily, the May 2011 issue of Gospel Gazette Online was published Wednesday, too.

Thursday, Bonnie and I escaped for the day and had a nice meal out where we lingered for a while afterward, not in a hurry to anywhere; it felt good to be off the grid and of the course briefly. Friday, we print the booklet for the Maywood Missionary Retreat and load our car for the weekend trip to Barn Creek, AL, where I will speak for two congregations in the vicinity. For lunch Friday, we are expecting a Christian couple to visit Winona, tour the work facilities and avail themselves of literature resources for their personal growth and to better equip them for Christian service and his preaching. A week or so ago, another Christian couple likewise blessed us with their presence for the same purpose.

Through today, we fielded numerous emails and phone calls, answering requests for information or literature. You will likely find Bonnie and me Rushmoring about, here and there, working for the Lord. Stop by, but call first to make sure we are around. Over the next four weeks, we will be traveling in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Catch us if you can!

April Issue of Gospel Gazette Online Ready for Use

April 15, 2011

Friday, April 15, I was finally able to get Gospel Gazette Online for April 2011 completed and uploaded to the Internet. Especially, Wednesday through Friday we concentrated on GGO (everything in our lives triage — that is, “What’s next?”). The icing on the cake was the audio lesson that brother Tim Childs got to me Friday afternoon; he does such a good job with both the content and the audible presentation.

In addition to the 27 articles over 15 pages in this issue, thousands of articles remain archived. The search engine will help readers select religious topics of interest. Two of the writers are new to the pages of Gospel Gazette Online, one of whom is 18-years-old. Please let us know how the articles and the site work for you. Tell others about You may want to look at the new postings from several countries in the Guest Book. Go directly to the new issue at:

Invitation to Write for Gospel Gazette Online and The Voice of Truth International

February 18, 2011

Faithful members of the churches of Christ (both brothers and sisters in Christ) are welcome to submit short, teaching articles for consideration to publish in Gospel Gazette Online ( or The Voice of Truth International magazines. Articles neither need to be exclusive to us nor do they have to be new articles (i.e., used bulletin articles you have written will serve well). GGO is a monthly that is read worldwide, and TVOTI is a quarterly that circulates in English into about 80 countries (and is also available in Spanish, Tamil, Telegu and Braille). Articles should be about biblical subjects and suitable for the edification of Christians and non-Christians. For GGO, submit a jpg color picture to accompany publication of your articles. Please also include a brief biographical sketch, too, so that we can become acquainted with you. Especially shorter articles are more likely to be printed to complete page space at the bottom of other articles in TVOTI. Send computer files (e.g., MSWord, etc.) as attachments to email to Both Gospel Gazette Online and The Voice of Truth International are archived indefinitely in digital format on the Internet. Between the two magazines, thousands of articles are available in print and digitally throughout the world.

Louis Rushmore
Editor, Gospel Gazette Online
Associate Editor, The Voice of Truth International

Freed Hardeman University Lectureship

February 9, 2011
2011 Lectureship Brochure Cover

2011 Lectureship Brochure Cover

Thursday and Friday the 3rd and 4th, Paula Bates, Bonnie and I finalized a fresh look of the World Evangelism display in preparation for the upcoming Freed Hardeman University Lectureship. Friday, we also packed boxes of books from J.C. Choate/Louis Rushmore Publications to display in the exhibit hall for the lectureship; this is the literature arm of World Evangelism. Saturday morning, Bonnie and I loaded a small trailer and our van for the trip to the lectureship in Henderson, TN. From Winona, MS to there was about three hours. We met Paula and Jerry there in the afternoon to set up the World Evangelism display and J.C. Choate/Louis Rushmore Publications books.

FHU Lectureship Display

FHU Lectureship Display

 Jerry had just arrived back in the states Friday night from weeks abroad in Nepal and India; it’ll be several days before he completely adjusts to the 12-hour difference in time zones between the other side of the planet and here. For the next several days, Bonnie and I were fortunate to enjoy the hospitality of Randy Gaddy, a Master’s Program student at FHU. We attended several lectures, renewed acquaintances and friendships as well as distributed literature.

 Sunday the 6th, it was our pleasure to spend the day with the Milledgeville, TN Church of Christ. I taught about the parables of Jesus Christ at the morning Bible class and during the two worship services. I first became acquainted with this small congregation last fall upon our return from India and Burma when I held a three-day Gospel meeting for these brethren.

Wednesday, we scurried out of Henderson, down US 45 into Mississippi and toward Winona. I was scheduled to continue teaching a series of lessons about the identity of the Lord’s church at the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS. We started our homeward journey around 10:30 a.m. to get ahead of another monster winter storm about to buffet the southeastern US. We managed to get home barely ahead of it, but the inches of snow and plunging temperatures resulted in the cancellation of the Wednesday evening class at West President.

 Working up until midnight after the lectures and working still more upon arriving back in Winona, I was able to finish the January issue of Gospel Gazette Online and upload it to the Internet. Yes, I’m late – hardly a desirable situation, but the result of trying to play catch up since our return in November from our mission trips. Of course, other matters like working on manuscripts to be printed next, loading and unload trucks of literature, stateside traveling, eating and sleeping have a tendency to demand attention, too.

Dragging Ourselves into the 21st Century!

February 1, 2011
Bonnie & Louis Rushmore ~ India, 2008

Bonnie & Louis Rushmore ~ India, 2008

January 2010 with ample misgivings, we stumbled into blogging by starting a little text and picture diary of our travels and trials. We placed it on our main site for Gospel Gazette Online. I thought that it might prove to be a value-added feature to our longstanding religious Internet magazine. In addition, it chronicled the behind the scenes activities associated with our extensive stateside and overseas travels, missionary work and publishing Gospel literature. Interaction with countless souls in the United States and other countries lent itself to some colorful and interesting pictures. I feared, even as I do now, that a blog would rob me of precious time needed for other important, daily matters – and perhaps it has just a little. To my surprise, though, I found the exercise somewhat therapeutic and otherwise desirous. Bonnie and I only hope that others beyond ourselves have benefited from the enterprise; we know that some have enjoyed our blog because several have told us so.

Now in 2011, we venture just a little further beyond our technological comfort zone into the realm of a professional blog site and software. Learning curves increasingly are becoming my enemies! Bonnie and I want to apprise friends and supporters of our ongoing application of ourselves in the cause of Christ to which we have devoted ourselves, and in which many also journey with us through their moral encouragement or financial participation. It wasn’t too long ago while making a PowerPoint presentation somewhere when I uttered something like, “I hate technology, I love technology, I hate technology, I love technology…”