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Big, Big Circle in the Black Hills

July 11, 2014

Mt. RushmoreBonnie, Rebecca and I launched out from Keystone, South Dakota on Friday, July 11, 2014 to make one humongous, all day in the making, circle through the Black Hills. First, we drove the two miles from our hotel to the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. We snapped some more pictures of the colossal monument in a different light from the day before. In addition, we toured the museum, which was underneath the balcony seating where we sat the night before. Incidentally, we were rewarded later in the day with bonus pictures of Mt. Rushmore from highways near and far.

Crazy HorseOur next destination was the Crazy Horse Memorial. There was a thoroughly engaging Native American exhibit that filled a small campus, besides the monument under construction in the near background. There was a very accommodating restaurant on the premises in view of the ongoing work on the tribute to American Indians; we three enjoyed a relaxing and satisfying lunch.

TunnelFor the balance of the day, we drove and we drove. We disembarked from the rental car time and time again to see spectacular views and to chronicle some of them with our digital cameras. We drove through the Black Hills in general and through Custer State Park in particular. We climbed mountains on roads terraced in series of U-turns; we squeezed through barely one-lane tunnels; we spiraled through highway pigtails twice to descend rapidly down the mountainside; and we observed all manner of terrain from rolling high plains to needled rock spires projecting into the South Dakota sky to massive, jagged mountain rock faces.

BuffaloIt was with delight that we began to enumerate the various wild creatures that we spied along the way: red squirrels, chipmunks, wild burrows, pronghorns (antelope), deer, beaver, and with great enchantment herds of buffalo. They crossed the road, piercing traffic approaching from both directions – bringing it to a halt while the passengers in the vehicles were mesmerized by the uncommon critters.

Mountain MeadowsThe day was one well worth the time spent as we enjoyed one another’s company, shared these experiences and were awed by God’s creation – both planet and beasts. We have zillions of pictures to document the adventure this day has brought our way. Tomorrow our destination is the Badlands. Stay tuned!