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March 2023 Gospel Gazette Online

March 3, 2023

The March edition of Gospel Gazette Online ( has been published and is now available. Readers throughout the world via the Internet have access to biblically sound articles written by Christian men and women. Besides each new monthly issue of the magazine, about 25 years of articles are in the Archive; a search engine and an index help readers to look for specific topics, or one could simply read Gospel Gazette Online from the volume numbers that appear in the Archive. As an added bonus, visit the digital library accessible through Gospel Gazette Online for all of the 116 volumes of The Voice of Truth International magazine and dozens of additional books and tracts. Utilize the trove of literature for personal edification, Bible class preparation, sermon preparation, radio and TV manuscript preparation, and for church bulletins. The price is right; there is no cost to the user. Enjoy.

Weathered the Storm

November 10, 2022

Martha and I are pleased to note that we weathered the storm. Ocala, Florida, so far, seems to be well positioned to avoid most of the threatening weather from the seas. A hurricane must travel inland quite a way before it reaches us, and for the most part, the hurricanes buffeting Florida since we have lived here have crossed the peninsula below or above us when crossing from coast to coast between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Ian presented us with some wind and rain, but nothing significant at our address. However, hurricane Nicole, though a category 1 storm, produced much more wind than previous hurricanes we experienced (i.e., the outer bands of which where we live); Nicole brought us constant, light rain for a day or so. Our hearts and prayers go out to fellow Floridians whose fortune was not as agreeable as ours — families and businesses that lost property and livelihoods, and we sympathize with families whose loved ones perished in storm-related deaths.

September Gospel Gazette Online

September 3, 2022

The newest edition of Gospel Gazette Online is available. You can achieve personal edification through its pages. In addition, use the current issue as well as articles from the Archive to enhance Bible class and sermon preparation. Furthermore, most of the articles are short enough to use in church bulletins. Please, make use of Gospel Gazette Online and share its treasures with others in your sphere of influence.

Did you know that in the “Digital Library,” accessible from the last line of the masthead, over 100 editions of The Voice of Truth International and about three dozen books are available in PDFs without charge (free)? Enjoy! ~ Louis Rushmore, Editor.

June 2022 Edition of Gospel Gazette Online

June 1, 2022

The June edition of Gospel Gazette Online is live and ready for your reading and studying. Our only desire is to glorify God and edify souls. Use it for your personal enrichment, bulletin articles, Bible classes and sermon preparation. Enjoy!

May Edition of Gospel Gazette Online

May 4, 2022

The May edition of Gospel Gazette Online is available at In addition, thousands of articles by Christian men and women are in the Archive. Pursue articles for personal enrichment, bulletin articles, Bible classes and sermon preparation. We offer these – as well as over 100 PDF files of The Voice of Truth International magazine, books and tracts – completely free to anyone accessing them over the Internet worldwide. Enjoy! ~ Louis Rushmore, Evangelist

March 2022 Gospel Gazette Online

February 28, 2022

The March edition of Gospel Gazette Online is available now. My daughter proofs GAZ, and we just made the corrections. She’s in Tennessee in the USA, and Martha and I are in Guyana, South America. We leave our base of operations in the morning at 4:30 a.m., headed to a small airport for a flight to Mabaruma. Upon returning to Ogle outside of Georgetown on Friday, we will make our way by car to the banks of the Essequibo River. There, we will board a boat and go upriver to Leguan, lodge in a rented house for the night and have a workshop during the day on Saturday. We may not have any communication with family, friends, etc. until we return from multiple venues Saturday night. Now, I’ll finish packing for the trip, shower, shave and get some rest. Enjoy and make use of Gospel Gazette Online. Share it with others, too.

Approaching a Quarter of a Century

January 1, 2022

A new year, a new month, a new edition of Gospel Gazette Online ( awaits readers from around the world. Take a moment and pause for some spiritual food. Enjoy. May God richly bless every reader.

A Week of Fun

November 13, 2021

Martha Lynn Rushmore

On Saturday, October 30th, my sister Denise Conley and my niece Shalyn Conley came to visit. Shalyn left very quickly to go to Tampa and visit a friend.

Denise and I had many good talks, laughs and a few tears. We tried to solve all the world problems, but unfortunately no one would listen to us. We may have had some good ideas, but I am sure not enough for this world to get totally better. Well, maybe we did. We said, “If everyone would go to the Bible and obey it, our problems would be solved.” There would be no more lying, no more backbiting and no more jealously; every political leader would do his or her best to make our world a better place to live.

Since we do not have Sunday evening services because of covid, we passed out candy to trick or treaters in our neighborhood. We had pizza afterwards with our good neighbors across the street. Lots of laughs.

Shalyn came back on Monday, and then, we had places to go and much to do. We went shopping, ate out and shopped some more. Shalyn had two specific places she wanted to go. One was the Renaissance Room. This store is full of second-hand good things from nick knacks to furniture. I was so good for a change; I did not buy anything. Now, I saw a lot of things I liked, but I controlled my urges.

Shalyn also wanted to go to the restaurant in Ocklawaha – Gator Joe’s. This restaurant has some of the best gator and fish around the area. It is on a lake that has a beach. Seaplanes, boats, airboats and jet skies come in and beach themselves on one side of the restaurant and wharf, and there is a place to swim on the other side of the building. You can sit outside on a dock built out over the water. Shalyn really enjoyed the restaurant and bought herself a Gator Joe’s hoodie.

The girls talked about leaving on Wednesday, but they did not want to start traveling again. So, they stayed and helped me dust and rearrange our built-in living room shelves. It was a lot of work, but we had a good time with lots of laughs. I really appreciated all their help. These shelves are loaded with items we brought back from overseas, some old antiques and some things not so old. We lined each shelf with a shawl that we brought back from India, Myanmar and Guyana. We were all happy with our accomplishment.

On our down time, we relaxed on the lanai. We three ladies had a great time. I did not want them to go home, but that was not an option. On Thursday morning about 7:00 a.m., they set out for Denise’s home in Marietta, Ohio. Then, Shalyn headed to her home in Belpre, Ohio. I love my sister and niece. I look forward to their visit every year.

Gospel Gazette Online: November 2021

October 31, 2021

The November 2021 edition of Gospel Gazette Online is ready! Follow the link ( directly to the current issue of 16 pages by Christian brothers and sisters. Share in their studies. Let us hear from you ( Enjoy!

September Edition of Gospel Gazette

September 1, 2021

The September edition of Gospel Gazette Online is available for your reading and study of the Word of God. Simply go to You’ll find these articles useful for bulletins, class studies and sermon preparation. The Editors wish God’s blessings to come to each reader. ~ Louis Rushmore, Editor