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A Little Hiatus

May 21, 2016
Therman & Sadie

Therman & Sadie

I took a little hiatus from daily duties for Tuesday, May 17 through Friday, May 20. I decided to get out of the house and out of town to try and brace myself against potentially overpowering sorrow were I to remain alone on the anniversary of Bonnie’s death. Brother Therman and sister Sadie Hodge graciously allowed me to live with them for a while.

Before heading to the Hodge Lodge on Tuesday, I went into the office/warehouse and managed to do some hours work. On the way out of Winona, I mailed letters and a package at the post office in town. Many of my drives to various destinations are longer than Tuesday’s trek, but for whatever reason, the 2½ road trip to the outskirts of Meridian, Mississippi seemed especially long. It was raining some outside the car as well as a little down my cheeks, too.

10 Commandments at Mexican restaurant

10 Commandments at Mexican restaurant

Wednesday was the one-year anniversary of Bonnie’s passing. However, in the company of Therman and Sadie, I got through the day very well. That evening, I was pleased to visit my good friends and Christian brethren of the Union, MS Church of Christ, where the Hodges worship.

Thursday was another good day. Perhaps some of what made good days was not only the fellowship of caring Christian friends, but also some the little local excursions on which we went together; we dined out on several occasions, and Sadie and Therman fixed some tasty meals at the house also. Therman and I also retrieved his repaired riding lawnmower – from a hole in the wall bait shop of all places! In addition, he and I went for a ride one day to a local power plant, which is built over top of an extensive bed of coal.

Some of the Christian friends

Some of the Christian friends

Besides the Hodges, we interacted with two other couples. All of us ate one evening at the Chunky River Fish Camp – a rustic setting sporting good food. The Hodges and I also ate at one of the finest Mexican restaurants that I had ever encountered anywhere. We tried on one occasion to eat act Cracker Barrel, but we happened to have arrived just after a Canadian tour bus from French-speaking Quebec just unloaded and got in line; instead, we baled

from there and landed at McAlister’s Deli.


Power Plant

Power Plant

Friday morning, I retraced my steps to Winona, MS. I managed to get a little work done on my mobile office, but office work wasn’t the primary focus of my evacuation from where I live. Today (Saturday), is the anniversary of Bonnie’s funeral, but I appear to be doing as well or better than especially other days this month of May. Perhaps this milestone will be an important piece in the overall healing process through which I am going. I will always love my dear, departed wife, coworker and life’s companion.

BIG Shovel!

BIG Shovel!

Yet, even today from the comfort and convenience of my own living room, I succeeded in completing a literary commitment on which I have been working for many months on behalf of others. I will press ahead, feebly at times for sure, but I will press ahead, hoping to glorify God and edify many precious fellow souls across the planet in the time that may remain for me on earth.

Rainbow Springs

July 3, 2015

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There must be a reason for naming the state park “Rainbow Springs,” but I was unable to personally observe such a motive upon my visit to it today (Friday, July 3, 2015). The Internet webpage concerning it boasted of magnificent red and purple hues.

Nevertheless, it was a satisfactory excursion for my daughter Rebecca and me, and I hope also for our temporary charge, the granddaughter of our dear friends Bob and Martha Noland. En route along our 20-mile trek to the park, we gathered up some vittles at a Subway restaurant and carried them along with us. The park was filled to capacity, and cars were admitted one by one as cars exited.

As it turns out, a wide variety of foliage abounds. Apparently, much of the oddly blue-green basin – likely freshwater spring feeding the waterway – was completely saturated with swimmers, cooling themselves from the high heat of the day.

After we consumed our subs, chips and beverages, we wandered about for a while, viewing small manmade waterfalls and watery pools nestled among trees and bushes of all kinds on the hillside. Amazed previous days at other locations where we noticed few people congregating, Rainbow Springs was quite a different story. People were everywhere.

Tired of walking and soaked in perspiration, we happily waddled back to the car for our exit to Ocala once more. Late last night and into the wee hours of the morn, earlier in the day and for hours upon returning to the Noland’s bed and breakfast (so we made it to be for us), I performed office work: financial accounting, proofing and editing a book manuscript, and putting together the July edition of Gospel Gazette Online. Tomorrow we move along our way, depositing the young lady in our custody with her grandparents at the hospital in Gainesville, FL, after which heading for my next speaking appointment on Sunday outside of DeFuniak Springs, FL. Today, though, Rebecca and I paused to smell the proverbial roses besides attending to daily duties.

Common Denominator

July 2, 2015

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine7Once when the children were young and on one of the occasions the family went tent camping, we pitched our little tabernacle in what turned out to be the downhill wet-weather wash for rainwater. A tornado came through the area of northern Michigan one night and sent a little gully washer our way, not particularly dangerous as it turned out, but certainly making our encampment a little soggy. It seemed that anywhere the Rushmores camped in a tent that we were the immediate solution for dry weather and an instant help to folk’s low water table. Camped in Michigan; it rained on us. Camped in Pennsylvania; our sleeping bags sopped up a monsoon. Camped in New York; a thunderous storm rolled in over us off of the Great Lakes.

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine5A couple of years ago, Bonnie and I spent a week in southern Colorado, and of course, it rained and rained some more. Now in 2015, my daughter Rebecca and I visited Florida for a week of daily squalls. I have finally realized that I am the common denominator. My late wife and our dear children are off the hook; I must be the one responsible for the inclement weather that seems to follow me. I’ve been accused of that before, but I never imagined that it were so.

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine3Today, July 2, Rebecca and I along with the granddaughter of our dear friends Bob and Martha Noland made our way to St. Augustine, Florida. Naturally, it rained – complete with thunder and lightning. Nevertheless, we were able to tour the ancient stone fort on the coastline, though we could not walk the ramparts atop the structure because of the danger posed by possible lightning. We further walked part of Old Towne.

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine6Famished upon our arrival, we made an all-important visit to a local eatery. We dined well at Burger Bucket, and each of our meals was actually served in a low-slung galvanized bucket. The service was good and the food was even better. To cap off our day’s activities before exiting St. Augustine, we three found the local Dairy Queen and indulged ourselves.

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine4Rebecca got a little rowdy, if pictures are evidence of anything, and was temporarily detained – behind bars! The most handsome sergeant of arms dutifully manned his canon to guard his charge from escaping until the bail money was scraped together.

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine2Yes, we smelled the roses a little today between firing up the mobile office before our mini adventure and upon our return to Ocala, FL. I’m happy to report that brother Bob Noland fares a little better today as he remains in Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL – with sister Martha Noland his loyal wife at his side. Thank you for your interest in my travels and efforts to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine8 300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine1

Nearly a Fortnight in Florida

June 30, 2015

Glass-Bottom Boat at Silver Springs, FLFriday, June 26, Rebecca and I lumbered along a route resembling the flight of a drunken crow as we drove from Winona, MS in a southeasterly direction headed for Florida. The Gospel chariot was laden down with Bonnie’s clothes (for Martha Noland in Ocala, FL), display material, literature and luggage. Picture Rebecca and me wedged in the command module of our little black space shuttle with barely enough room for ourselves. We paused en route the next two days to consume homemade tuna sandwiches that we had prepared for our lunches.

Weary from the first day’s journey, we lodged in Troy, AL at the Best Western Inn. Rain greeted us throughout the day as well as when we left the hotel for supper. The trip that day was uneventful except for a couple vehicles that seemed to want to play bumper car, but we resisted.

Saturday afternoon, we arrived at the home of our host and hostess in Jacksonville, FL where we would linger for the next two days; brother Jeff and sister Sherri White made us comfortable and fattened us up a little with good cooking. They worship with the Chaffee Road Church of Christ, which is one of my supporters and for which I was to speak Sunday morning. For Bible class, I presented my “Overview & Update” PowerPoint about World Evangelism and my labors therewith. During worship, I presented my PowerPoint “The Church of Prophecy.”

Sunday evening, we worshipped with the Riverview Church of Christ, and I gave my “Overview & Update” PowerPoint once more. Both congregations received us well, and the latter made a special financial participation with me in my mission endeavors.

Following worship, Rebecca and I traveled to the home of Bob and Martha Noland in Ocala, FL. He has served for many years as an elder and a Gospel preacher, and of course, Martha has been a valuable component, too, in their service to our Lord Jesus Christ. Just before our arrival, we received a mobile call as we were driving that Bob was having a medical crisis. When we got to their home, EMS personnel were assisting them, and finally, they placed Bob in Bob and Martha’s van for a trip to a cancer hospital an hour away in Gainesville, FL.

Rebecca and I rode along. Test after test was performed on Bob. However, after spending hours in the Emergency Room with no progress toward admitting Bob to the hospital, Rebecca and I returned to the Noland home in Ocala. We got to bed finally between 4:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.

Later in the day Monday, we gathered up the Noland’s granddaughter who had been deposited at Christian brethren and friends of the Nolands. The three of us, then, proceeded to return to the hospital in Gainesville. That evening, we returned to Ocala.

Tuesday, Rebecca and I went to a nearby Florida State Park where we rode a glass-bottom boat at the headwaters – 120 natural springs – for the Silver Springs River. Thunderstorms daily have lashed us with wind and rain; while on the boat, a ferocious storm battered land and water. Yet, beneath the surface of the river, we could see through the glass bottom of the watercraft that neither deep water nor aquatic life were the least disturbed by the turbulence above. (Incidentally, the most recent edition of the Rushmore Newsletter, which we mailed on Friday, June 19, finally arrived at residences here in Florida. I beat the mail down here. Imagine that!)

The water was crystal clear, and the depths were deceptively deeper than they appeared. We saw the bluest freshwater fish we had ever observed, plus turtles, gar and other fish. Later while walking adjacent to the river, we spied an alligator at water’s edge. We also saw monkeys, regionally appropriate birds and lizards.

So, we “played” a little – or smelled the roses somewhat. However, Rebecca and I worked as well. Finally, Tuesday evening, we completed entry of articles in a database, chronicling articles already used in The Voice of Truth International so we can distinguish them more easily from articles that have not yet been used in VOTI. We entered articles for over 300 pages encompassing three recent editions of the magazine. I also worked on Gospel Gazette Online a little plus other office work (in my mobile office – on my lap).

Saturday, Rebecca and I will travel to DeFuniak Springs in preparation for speaking all day Sunday for the Liberty Church of Christ. Between now and then, we will continue to work especially on VOTI and GGO. Monday, we will begin our return trip to Winona, MS.

Thank you for your interest in my efforts for the cause of Christ. I continue to make appointments both for stateside travel as well as overseas venues in five countries for this fall and into next year. Please pray for me, and let me know what dates you would like me to visit your congregation (mission report, preaching, Gospel meeting, etc.).

2014 Summary

January 6, 2015

Rebecca, Bonnie & Louis RushmorePeriodically, we published a blog, which was visited 6,300 times over the course of 2014. In the blog, we chronicled stateside visits to churches of Christ where either Bonnie or I or both of us presented biblical lessons or apprised brethren about our mission work. Whereas Bonnie spoke to ladies’ classes, I spoke to elders, preachers’ meetings, Bible classes and worship assemblies. Bonnie and I were able to travel together on a 4-week mission trip to Guyana, South America, and we posted information and pictures regularly about the progress of that effort. It was unsurpassed in personal gratification and we think in usefulness for the cause of Christ among the various endeavors in which we invest ourselves. A special program for the India Missions Conference, of which we were cohosts, had its representation on our blog, too. Readers could vicariously travel with Bonnie, our daughter Rebecca and me as we visited my uncle Mount (Rushmore) in South Dakota in 2014; I’m just a chip off the old block. Work groups that visited the World Evangelism Building in Winona, Mississippi were duly noted in the blog as well. In addition, we kept visitors to the blog up to date regarding Bonnie’s medical battle against the resurgence of pancreatic cancer. Blog readers found us through following our blog or followed links from either our Internet magazine Gospel Gazette Online or from our Facebook pages. Our blog readers reside in 80 countries spanning the globe with the largest percentage of readers living in the USA, India and Guyana.

Bonnie and I participated with other core World Evangelism team members in publishing four issues of The Voice of Truth International, which is distributed in dozens of countries in numerous languages; 40,000 or more of the 116-page magazine are published quarterly. Furthermore, dozens of new tracts and several new books were published and made available stateside and abroad. Thousands of pounds of Christian literature and books were shipped overseas at no charge to the recipients. In December, Gospel Gazette Online completed 16 years of uninterrupted publication on the Internet. Thousands of articles remain archived and digitally available to anyone worldwide who has Internet connection. Work is underway for the continuation of Gospel Gazette Online in the new year.

In 2014, the Rushmore Evangelism Fund assumed the responsibility of seeing to the funding and payment for a Hindi language TV program broadcast from New Delhi, India. We have made provisions to provide financially for its continuance for a dozen years or more. This could only be made possible by the generous donations of Christian brethren here in the States.

Typically, Bonnie and I travel up to 3,000 miles monthly stateside by car as we teach or update brethren about our mission work. In addition, we usually spend three months overseas annually working in the countries of India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Singapore and Guyana. Both stateside and travel abroad were impacted in 2014 by Bonnie’s medical condition as she continues to experience difficulties from prior surgeries and now that her cancer returned. Two days before we were to board airliners for a 9-week mission trip to four Asian countries, we got the bad news that Bonnie needed immediate medical treatment for a suspected rebounding of pancreatic cancer, which proved to be the case. Bonnie continues to undergo a battery of treatments, and every day is a challenge for both of us, with Bonnie, of course, bearing the brunt of it all.

Summarized, 2014 was a good year in which we feel that we made a difference for the cause of Christ. Daily, adapting as necessary, we continue to make a difference in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Voice of Truth International and Gospel Gazette Online continue unabated, of course, in partnership chiefly with sister Betty Choate, Jerry and Paula Bates, and Byron and Gay Nichols. Typically, we still go to the office/warehouse weekdays to help with shipping and a myriad of other behind the scenes that make the ministry in which we are involved successful.

We are thankful to the sea of Christians who make it possible for us to do what we do for the cause of Christ in the USA and across the world. Thank you for your prayers.

Like Precious Faith

July 14, 2014
Anniversary in an Airport

Anniversary in an Airport

Sunday, July 13 was a little more relaxed for we three (Bonnie, Rebecca and me), and it was a good buffer between the vacation venues of the preceding days and Monday’s daylong travel toward our homes in Tennessee and Mississippi. Of course, the highlight of every first day of the week is the opportunity afforded God’s people of worshipping Him “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). This we did, as we had the prior Wednesday evening upon our arrival in South Dakota, with the Rapid City Church of Christ. Truly, we found these brethren on the Internet through the church’s webpage. Two other congregations vied for visitors through their websites as well, but each of the three sufficiently identified themselves whereby we are able to find those of “like precious faith” (2 Peter 1:1). We always opt for biblical balance over extremes either to the left or to the right.

We felt like we had always known the saints of the Rapid City Church of Christ. The worship was reverential, and there were neither surprises nor disappointments. One ought to fairly well know what to anticipate even when meeting with faithful Christians in an assembly not previously visited. I heartily recommend the Rapid City Church of Christ to Christians who may visit the area.

It was also my good pleasure to speak to the congregation Sunday evening; I always feel more comfortable on the speaking side of the lectern than seated on the other side – because I want to serve to the fullest at every opportunity as long as I live. Given a choice between a biblical lesson and a PowerPoint presentation about our mission work, the eldership opted for the latter. I showed pictures and narrated them respecting our month-long mission trip in February of this year.

We were very well received, and we certainly have made some new friends. Bonnie, Rebecca and I were lunch guests of the preacher and his wife (brother and sister Chuck Taylor). He is facing some serious health problems, which to the best of his ability in the near future as well as for the balance of his life he hardly allows it to detour him in the least from serving our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a writer, too, whose articles I hope to introduce shortly to The Voice of Truth International and Gospel Gazette Online.

Monday has been a long, leisurely travel day from Rapid City Regional Airport to Minneapolis/St. Paul to Memphis, TN. This is also Bonnie and my anniversary (#41), and we are spending it together in airports and on airplanes; Rebecca is with us. We had a very delicious lunch meal at the Northern Lights Grill; Bonnie and I shared perhaps the best pot-roast plate we have ever had, and the portions were gigantic. Rebecca had a similar meal in sandwich form, piled HIGH! As I write this, we are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport at our Gate, which we will board in just a little while; because Delta cancelled one of our flights, we have an extended layover here of FIVE HOURS! We are vacationing at the airport, too! It’s all good. We should arrive at Rebecca’s home before 10 p.m., we think.

The protracted layover has afforded me some valuable time to work on the July issue of Gospel Gazette Online. Among other things, we certainly are not rushed-more.

Badlands Loop

July 12, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014, Bonnie, Rebecca and I headed for the South Dakota Badlands. No, we were not on the lam as outlaws seeking some hole in the wall from which we could hide from a pursuing posse. We were merely day visitors, along with perhaps hundreds of others who ventured into the federal park for an outing or as workers. However, we did spy some regular residents inside or just outside of the reserve – mountain goats and prairie dogs.

On the way to the Badlands, we paused at Wall, SD for the purpose of moseying through the famous Wall Drug complex.

It so happened that we arrived just in time for a small town parade – the smallest and most locally spun we’ve ever experienced – all of one block long! Wall Drug itself is one block long and two blocks deep – packed with tourist-trap merchandise, fine art, food, and various curious amusements for young and old. It is a destination all its own. Remarkably, though, we didn’t buy anything. Before leaving we did the once over of the Wounded Knee Museum gift store and Native America crafts as well as a nearby novelty and touristy shop.

Like yesterday, today, we made a giant circle in the process of following the scenic drive through the Badlands National Park. The topography over which and through which we traveled varied from Great Plains prairies to irregularly eroded, layered, jagged mountains. The mountains through which we traveled the past few days were completely different in every way from these; today’s mountains seem atypical to mountains generally.

Bonnie, Rebecca and I enjoyed a picnic lunch at a shaded park table. The nearly treeless landscape afforded us no respite from the abusive sunlight beating down upon us, although the temperature was moderate at 78 degrees. Nevertheless, repeatedly, we parked the car and strolled along walkways before getting back in the car and driving to the next viewpoint.

It was another good day on God’s marvelous earth. Moreover, I spent it with my two best friends – my wife of four+ decades and our oldest child.

Big, Big Circle in the Black Hills

July 11, 2014

Mt. RushmoreBonnie, Rebecca and I launched out from Keystone, South Dakota on Friday, July 11, 2014 to make one humongous, all day in the making, circle through the Black Hills. First, we drove the two miles from our hotel to the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. We snapped some more pictures of the colossal monument in a different light from the day before. In addition, we toured the museum, which was underneath the balcony seating where we sat the night before. Incidentally, we were rewarded later in the day with bonus pictures of Mt. Rushmore from highways near and far.

Crazy HorseOur next destination was the Crazy Horse Memorial. There was a thoroughly engaging Native American exhibit that filled a small campus, besides the monument under construction in the near background. There was a very accommodating restaurant on the premises in view of the ongoing work on the tribute to American Indians; we three enjoyed a relaxing and satisfying lunch.

TunnelFor the balance of the day, we drove and we drove. We disembarked from the rental car time and time again to see spectacular views and to chronicle some of them with our digital cameras. We drove through the Black Hills in general and through Custer State Park in particular. We climbed mountains on roads terraced in series of U-turns; we squeezed through barely one-lane tunnels; we spiraled through highway pigtails twice to descend rapidly down the mountainside; and we observed all manner of terrain from rolling high plains to needled rock spires projecting into the South Dakota sky to massive, jagged mountain rock faces.

BuffaloIt was with delight that we began to enumerate the various wild creatures that we spied along the way: red squirrels, chipmunks, wild burrows, pronghorns (antelope), deer, beaver, and with great enchantment herds of buffalo. They crossed the road, piercing traffic approaching from both directions – bringing it to a halt while the passengers in the vehicles were mesmerized by the uncommon critters.

Mountain MeadowsThe day was one well worth the time spent as we enjoyed one another’s company, shared these experiences and were awed by God’s creation – both planet and beasts. We have zillions of pictures to document the adventure this day has brought our way. Tomorrow our destination is the Badlands. Stay tuned!

Keystone, South Dakota

July 10, 2014

Uncle MountAfter a restful night of recharging at the Roosevelt Inn in Keystone, South Dakota, Bonnie, Rebecca and I ambled the sidewalks on either side of the touristy main drag beckoning for visitor’s dollars. Thus, we began for us Thursday, July 10, 2014 our vacation and Bonnie and my anniversary trip. (I’m not sure whether we brought Rebecca along as chaperone or caregiver for her aging parents! Really, she aside from my dear spouse of 41 years – on July 14 – is my best friend.)

I did manage to part with a few dollars before boarding our train to yesterday – running between Keystone and Hill City and back. We bought some commemorative magnets and some Mt. Rushmore hats; Rebecca bought some books.

I whispered some advice into Abe's ear.

I whispered some advice to Abe.

Between Rebecca and us, we snapped 219 photos, mostly along our train ride. However, we went to Mt. Rushmore in the evening to take some pics of the national monument with night lighting; in the morning, we will return to Mt. Rushmore for a more extensive tour and daylight pictures.

Guess what? Despite my surname “Rushmore” being plastered nearly everywhere from Rapid City to Keystone, being a Rushmore garners for me neither discounts nor a percentage of the action. Imagine that! (I kept telling people that I was here to visit family – my uncle – Mount, as in Mt. Rushmore. I’m positive that I’m just a chip off the ole block.)

A Week in Review

March 11, 2014


Crockett Church of Christ

Since Monday morning, March 3, Bonnie and I have been overwhelmed with trying to catch up from our month-long absence while we were in Guyana, South America. We are working on Gospel Gazette Online and The Voice of Truth International. We are fulfilling orders for books, tracts and magazines. We also put together our March edition of the Rushmore Newsletter. We published the electronic version to the Internet, but we will have to wait several days for the printed version to arrive in Winona for processing. We also drafted a postcard insert to encourage additional financial participation with us in our mission work.

Of particular importance was preparation I needed to make for Wednesday night teaching the Book of Job to the auditorium class of the Siwell Road Church of Christ in Jackson, Mississippi. Then, I worked diligently on preparation of class material for a class I was teaching on Thursday night for the Mississippi School of Biblical Studies, also hosted by the Siwell Road Church of Christ; I finished my preparation at about 3:45 p.m. Thursday! Our lives are triaged on the basis of whatever is next, we will work on that. Sometimes the deadlines and our preparation come together on the same day!

An aside regarding our Wednesday-Thursday venture to Jackson was a two-night stay not far from the Siwell Rd. congregation in a motel. Bonnie and I opted to take partial days for ourselves and relax a little bit (while still working on lessons!). Though we had been together crisscrossing Guyana by van, boat and plane for a month, it wasn’t a relaxing adventure at all.

Unlike usual when I am teaching in Jackson, we didn’t dress for the class, but we were going to change our clothes in time to make our way from the motel to the class on Wednesday night. To my surprise, I had forgotten one important ingredient to my wardrobe—my pants! Well, since I was going to have to wear my faded blue jeans, I opted not to wear my tie either. Nobody complained, but one sister observed that she had never seen me wear jeans before. The next day, I bought an $8.00 pair of pants on a closeout rack at a department store, permitting me to look a little bit more like the speaker of the hour for the Thursday evening class. All of the auditorium classes and Biblical Studies classes are streamed live to the Internet and archived, too.

Friday morning, Bonnie and I returned to Winona in time to receive a tractor-trailer and one pallet of books coming in from the printing company. Triage demanded that our next task was to prepare a PowerPoint presentation about our recent work in Guyana for our Sunday appointment. We also invited sisters Barbara Oliver and Betty Choate to supper at our home; Rebecca was also in for spring break for a few days.

A large part of Saturday was spent cleaning up the yard from months of accumulation of tree debris; we needed to get the layer of broken branches and the carpet of pine needles up before the grass would grow intertwined into the mess.

Sunday was the first day of daylight savings time for 2014, which meant that we lost an hour’s sleep. Compounding that, we had about an hour and a half travel time from Winona to the Crockett, MS Church of Christ. Since their Bible class began at 9:30 a.m. and we wanted to be early enough to go in as soon as the doors were opened, we left home at 7:30 a.m. Brother and sister Rawson were absent owing to the death of Jane’s sister in Arkansas. Nevertheless, the brethren were gracious to us, and we enjoyed our time in class and worship with them again this year.

That night, not having an appointment, we worshipped with the West President Church of Christ. They have befriended us and inquire about us even when we are traveling and unable to assemble with them.

Monday and Tuesday, I worked feverishly preparing my class on the Book of Job for Wednesday evening’s class with the Siwell Road Church of Christ. (Monday and Tuesday evenings, Rebecca helped her dad clean the gutters, removing overflowing amounts of pine needles clogging them.) I have other projects awaiting attention, and Thursday and Friday, I will attend to them (triage, don’t you know).