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First Week at Hope House

November 8, 2014

Hope House of HospitalityMonday, November 3, Bonnie and I began our first week of residency at Hope House of Hospitality in Jackson, Mississippi. We drove down from Winona, MS an hour and a half for Bonnie’s radiation treatment, after which we checked into Hope House. Monday was a bad day for Bonnie.

Tuesday and Wednesday were better days for Bonnie. She felt well enough to go out Tuesday evening to hear brother Tom Holland in a Gospel meeting at the Clinton, MS Church of Christ. After radiation on Wednesday, the two of us walked once around a local mall on both floors before returning to Hope House. Wednesday evening, she and I attended midweek Bible class at the Siwell Road Church of Christ on the south side of Jackson. Bonnie received radiation both of those days, too.

Wednesday, I was able to publish to the Internet the November edition of Gospel Gazette Online. I continued to make it ready for publication even after we checked into Hope House. Access to WI-FI at Hope House made it possible for me to publish GGO to the Internet.

Hope House of Hospitality is a non-profit organization that provides a residential service to seriously ill outpatients who live beyond 30 miles from the hospitals here; Bonnie and I reside 90 miles away in Winona, and daily travel for radiation would be a wearisome proposition for Bonnie and me as well as very costly.

The facility is a little worn from much needed use and offers basic lodging and meals. Hope House serves outpatients from the local hospitals and is solely supported by donations. Guests are able to stay here without charge to them. Bonnie and I will probably be here through December 9, though we return to Winona each Friday after radiation before going back to Jackson before the next Monday’s radiation. Hope House is a blessing to Bonnie and me.

Thursday was a bad day for Bonnie, even before we got to her radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Radiation was later in the day than usual to pair with the chemotherapy to follow. However, it turned out that Bonnie’s blood platelets dropped to half of what they were the previous week, and thus, she did not receive chemotherapy this week. Leaving the cancer center, we stopped at a pharmacy to buy more medicine to address some of her other maladies, before returning to Hope House.

Bonnie having had a rough day, we opted not to attend the class of Mississippi School of Biblical Studies, hosted by the Siwell Road Church of Christ. We stayed in. We worked some on our next Rushmore Newsletter.

Before Bonnie’s Friday radiation, I attended to a few business matters. I sent an email respecting the upcoming publication of volume 82 of The Voice of Truth International to confirm that the printing company had received and was processing the files I had provided to them electronically. In addition, I made four DVD-R copies of the files for that issue of VOTI, for the office and for use in three overseas nations to print VOTI as well. After manipulating the digital files into a single PDF, I uploaded volume 82 to the Internet – before it is available in print form! You can find it by selecting the Digital Library on the bottom of the masthead of Gospel Gazette Online (Website: Dozens of Bible related books and all editions of VOTI are available there at no charge as well.

Bonnie’s radiation treatment was brief and uneventful, after which, we returned home to Winona. We stopped for sandwiches and to buy a few items on our way homeward.

Saturday, we finished out the week by preparing a mailing to nearly 200 addresses so that they can receive the newest issue of Global Harvest magazine, which arrived at the World Evangelism Building in our absence this week. Of course, only being home from Bonnie’s treatment Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, we need to wash clothes and pack for our return to Jackson, MS and Bonnie’s medical treatment.

Aside from the above, I am and will be working on new book about first principles. We are working on our next Rushmore Newsletter, too. Noting some needs at Hope House of Hospitality, which has graciously provided us lodging and meals for the duration of Bonnie’s radiation treatments, I am doing some consumer research and contacting a couple of congregations of the Lord’s church about paying for some needed items for the facility’s patients. Time is a wasting, and I don’t want to waste any of it before the Lord returns or I go to meet the Lord (Colossians 4:5).

Winding Down the Days

January 23, 2014
Mississippi School of Biblical Studies

Louis teaching at Mississippi
School of Biblical Studies

Bonnie and I are winding down the days before our next trip out of the country; we depart the USA on February 1 for Guyana, South America—where we will be for the entire month of February. We have a rigorous schedule that will place our seminars within reach of every Christian in the country.

Saturday, January 18, we made our way to a new venue for us—the Oil Trough, AR Church of Christ. A few weeks ago, Bonnie and I passed through the small community of Oil Trough on the way back from a Sunday appointment, but we had never visited brethren there. It was our good pleasure to be welcomed into the home of brother Garland and sister Shirley Ann Hankins. Shortly thereafter, we were joined by brother Terry and sister Shirley Ann Brady, in whose home Bonnie and I would lodge Saturday night. It is always so good to make personal friends of Christian brethren hitherto before we had not met, and such was the case especially regarding these two couples.

Sunday for Bible class, I made my PowerPoint presentation about 2013 Mission Trips. During worship, I preached “Why Do the Churches of Christ Not Use Instrumental Music in Worship?” Saturday night and Sunday, Bonnie and I were fed better than we deserve! Further, we thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship, encouragement and financial participation with which the congregation lifted us up.

Monday being a holiday, Bonnie and I worked from the house in the comfort of our dual reclining, overstuffed loveseat. That’s the kind of office furniture I really like! Dual laptop computers a blazing away resting upon identical lapboards, we prodded ahead on a number of things. Monday and Tuesday, Bonnie and I collaborated, with the help of Jerry Bates’ assembling a file to upload, to publicize over a hundred tracts added to the online book store.

Wednesday was a busy day! We drove from Winona to Jackson, MS in the morning for two doctors’ appointments for Bonnie; she passed in flying colors checkups at both the Women’s Hospital and Jackson Oncology Associates. She has the green light to leave in just over a week for the tropical excursion to the jungles and remote areas of Guyana—though the oncologist cringed when we explained our itinerary. That evening, I continued teaching the Book of Job to the adult auditorium class of the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ in Jackson. We stayed over again in the home, enjoying the kind hospitality of one of the elders and his wife, the Leggetts.

Thursday morning, Bonnie and I made our way to the meetinghouse for the church and commandeered an office for the day. Bonnie worked on lessons for the classes she will teach in Guyana, and I worked on the online book store, my lesson for the Mississippi School of Biblical Studies that night and on a lesson for one of my classes in Guyana. From 6:25 p.m. to 7:25 p.m., I taught, “The Mechanics of Preaching: Organization & Word Choices.” We managed to arrive back in Winona, MS by 9:15 p.m. (Bonnie did get excited on I-55 in the construction zone at Madison, MS when a tractor trailer ran us off the road; I have a hard time finding the horn on my car, but apparently once I did find it the driver heard it and returned to the passing lane where he was so that we could resume our travel likewise in the slow lane.)

Saturday, our daughter and a group of Christians from the Collierville, TN Church of Christ will conduct a workday at the World Evangelism Building; they come annually and help us with cleaning, trimming the shrubbery, maintenance, packaging books for overseas shipment, preparation of mailings, etc. That congregation sends families, so the youngest attendees will be about 4-years-old and the oldest will be—we don’t talk about that! Besides everything that gets done that we cannot accomplish easily by ourselves (Betty Choate, the Bates and us) while attending to other matters, helping brethren are a great encouragement to us. They also get to see some of the behind the scenes aspects of what goes into mission work. It’s a win-win situation for them and us, too.

Yes, we’re winding down the days! One day and one week to go before we depart the USA for Guyana, South America for an entire month. We solicit your prayers.

Night Is Coming When No Man Can Work

January 15, 2014

Saturday morning January 12, Bonnie and I headed for a five-hour drive to Center Ridge, Arkansas. Stops along the way and “road work” added another hour to the trip. We arrived at the home of Garry and Melissa Polk; he is one of the elders for the Center Ridge Church of Christ. Meatloaf and all the trimmings awaited us, and sister Polk didn’t even know that meatloaf is just about my favorite plate, though she had not found me shy at the supper table on any previous occasion either when other entrees graced us.

We spent an evening talking about our travels to various countries in Asia and South America. Finally, we all retired for the evening, past their bedtime. However, they were up early and out the door to their daughter and son-in-law’s home to collect four grandchildren so their daughter and son-in-law could proceed to the hospital to usher into the world child number five. Our hosts and the handsome brood arrived part way through Bible class, and it was a pleasure to experience lunch together at the local eatery. That little restaurant, called “The Bucket List,” itself was a little tin garage on the outside and the source of tasty food on the inside—superior to many a chain restaurant we and others may visit on a road trip.

For Bible class, I made my PowerPoint presentation about 2013 foreign mission trips. During worship, I presented another PowerPoint by special request on Beverage Alcohol; I provided free copies of my book by the same name. Having no evening appointment, we drove toward home, arriving back in Winona, MS about 6:30 p.m.

Monday through Wednesday, a group of visitors descended on the World Evangelism Building to work on a new Bible class curriculum that is in the works. The Bates, Betty Choate, and Bonnie and I lodged them in our homes. The meals we enjoyed together, courtesy of Betty Choate, Paula Bates and Bonnie Rushmore, were grand, tasty and fattening!

Through this, the Bates and the Rushmores attended other matters besides the Bible school curriculum. The four of us processed the Bates’ newsletter for mailing and finalized the next issue of The Voice of Truth International to send to the printing company. I worked on my lesson (“How God Communicates with Mankind, Today”) for Thursday evening at the Mississippi School of Biblical Studies (at the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ in Jackson, MS). In addition, I have been preparing for my Wednesday evening class on the Book of Job, also at the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ. Bonnie and I will stay over in the home of one of the elders and his wife of the Siwell Rd. congregation. Bonnie has been working on her lessons for our upcoming trip (February 1—March 1) to Guyana, South America, and I need to steal some time to do likewise. Our days are full from 7 a.m. when the alarm sounds until about midnight daily.

We go home from the office, but essentially we just exchange the desk chair for a reclining loveseat with lapboards sporting our computers. Jesus said, “I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work” (John 9:4 NKJV). We, too, have work to do before the nighttime of death engulfs us.

Mississippi School of Biblical Studies Concludes First Quarter of Instruction

March 7, 2013

Gary HamptonThe first battery of classes by the Mississippi School of Biblical Studies came to a close on Thursday evening, March 7, 9 p.m. CST. However, all of the classes for the two courses taught have been archived, and they are available over the Internet by visiting the webpage of the Siwell Road Church of Christ at Simply follow the link “view live service.” Gary Hampton, evangelist for the congregation, taught about correct biblical interpretation or hermeneutics. I taught about Bible geography, Bible archaeology and sacred history; however, I was personally absent for four of the eight weeks on an overseas mission trip. Brethren Gary Hampton and John Allen taught my materials in my absence. New classes will resume in August with other qualified instructors and teaching additional subjects.

Session #2

January 24, 2013

Gary Hampton Thursday, January 24, 2013 was session #2 for the Mississippi School of Biblical Studies, hosted by the Siwell Road Church of Christ in Jackson, MS. I taught Bible Geography, after which Gary Hampton taught Biblical Interpretation. Bible schools abroad have proven to be key to the edification of brethren and equipping them to reach out to their countrymen with Christianity. Likewise, schools such as this one can also be “for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12 NKJV).

Video Recorded1All comers are welcome. Please plan on being present from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. each Thursday evening if you can on the lower level of the meetinghouse of the Siwell Road Church of Christ at 4075 Siwell Road, Jackson, MS. Alternatively, you can watch the classes live over the Internet or even view past classes, too. Simply click “View Live Service” on the toolbar of the webpage for the Siwell Road Church of Christ at See you there!

Mississippi School of Biblical Studies Debut

January 18, 2013

Gary HamptonThursday evening, January 17, 2013, the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ in Jackson, MS hosted the first session of the Mississippi School of Biblical Studies. It is patterned after the long successful Nashville Bible School, and Gary Hampton is its Director.

Louis Rushmore It was my pleasure to kick off this new endeavor with a class for an hour and twenty minutes on “Bible Geography.” Gary Hampton taught the second class of the evening about “Hermeneutics” or biblical interpretation. Over 40 attended. This series of classes will go on for eight weeks.

Louis RushmoreAt the start of the “Bible Geography” class, I introduced four young students – ranging from 3-years-old to 10-years-old – to three Bible maps. I have been doing this with children for years, and it does not take long for even young children to accomplish the goal of learning places on the Bible maps as well as events and characters associated with them. This type of a demonstration shows adults that there is some hope that they, too, can acquire this knowledge. After introducing the course and briefly acquainting the class with the textbook, I narrated a PowerPoint presentation about “Bible Archaeology.”

For more information about the Siwell Road Church of Christ, go to its webpage at You can even go to resources on the toolbar of the page to find the archived videos of last night’s classes.