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My Life

November 28, 2022

My life these days could be summarized by these two ball caps.

Weathered the Storm

November 10, 2022

Martha and I are pleased to note that we weathered the storm. Ocala, Florida, so far, seems to be well positioned to avoid most of the threatening weather from the seas. A hurricane must travel inland quite a way before it reaches us, and for the most part, the hurricanes buffeting Florida since we have lived here have crossed the peninsula below or above us when crossing from coast to coast between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Ian presented us with some wind and rain, but nothing significant at our address. However, hurricane Nicole, though a category 1 storm, produced much more wind than previous hurricanes we experienced (i.e., the outer bands of which where we live); Nicole brought us constant, light rain for a day or so. Our hearts and prayers go out to fellow Floridians whose fortune was not as agreeable as ours — families and businesses that lost property and livelihoods, and we sympathize with families whose loved ones perished in storm-related deaths.