Panama City Beach

Martha and I took an excursion on our way to a speaking appointment. We were able to spend two nights and a day in Panama City Beach, Florida. It’s the only “vacation” we’ve taken lately, and Martha was more than ready to walk in the sand and surf (all the way up to her ankles). The temperature was nearly perfect as long as the sun was shining, and tolerable after sunset. The food was good, and the sky and sea were picturesque.

Wednesday evening, it was our delight to reunite with some of our dear brethren of the Liberty Church of Christ outside of DeFuniak Springs, Florida. I made a PowerPoint presentation about our mission trip to Guyana, South America earlier this year, as well as acquainted brethren about other aspects of our ministry (i.e., The Voice of Truth International and Gospel Gazette Online magazines, facilitating funds for TV programs abroad, shipping Christian literature and Bibles overseas). Thursday, we returned to our home in Ocala, Florida. It doesn’t take long when out of one’s routine to become backlogged with office and other responsibilities, and so, Friday and Saturday we were back to work, trying to catch up.

Life is worth living, especially when one has purpose in one’s life, particularly with a view of eternity to come.

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