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Guyana Mission Trip Review

March 21, 2022

Well, Martha and I returned to the USA after 41 days in Guyana, South America. We crisscrossed the tropical country, accompanied by Guyanese preachers Nigel Milo and Mohamed Ally. Martha spoke to ladies at some stops, and we three evangelists spoke for 14 events at 13 venues. We traveled by car, minibus, small plane, little boat and car ferry (as pedestrians). Attendees numbered from a handful to hundreds. The theme was “None of These Things Move Me” (Acts 20:24). My primary lessons were “Christianity in a Hostile and Challenging Environment” and “Remaining Spiritually Involved and Focused.” Locations that afforded us more than one day for presentations permitted additional lessons to be taught by each of us. Our ministry is one primarily of edifying brethren (1 Corinthians 3:6). Our series of traveling workshops were well received and are always popular among our Christian brethren in Guyana.

Some places to which we traveled in Guyana had amenities similar to what we typically experience in the United States. Other locations, though, sometimes lacked roads, footrails, electricity, running water and toilets. Occasionally, we needed to cross a pontoon-swinging bridge (similar to a drawbridge) about a mile or so long. Where there was no bridge, we traveled by boat upriver or the 20 miles across one river. We had workshops in the lowlands, in the mountains and on islands. Our trips approached the borders of Brazil and Venezuela as well as sometimes were abreast of the Atlantic Ocean.

A new, 30-minute television program, with brother Nigel Milo as the speaker, will begin in April to broadcast weekly from the capital city of Georgetown. This program will reach about two-thirds of the country. Brother Milo has been preaching on TV for several years in Linden and previously on a station in Georgetown. Nigel Milo and the congregation with which he works distribute literally tons of Bibles and Christian literature that we are able to ship to Guyana. Our collaborative labors in Guyana are among several mission efforts by American brethren in that country. Please remember Guyana and Guyanese brethren in your prayers.