Robert (Bob) Michael Noland II (December 7, 1968-November 25, 2021) November 18th, Martha and I were notified that Bob collapsed onto the steering wheel of his tractor-trailer as he brought it to a stop at fuel pumps at a truck stop in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He was admitted to ICU in the local hospital. Subsequently, it was learned that a blood clot in his heart dislodged and traveled to his brain, resulting in two strokes. Friday the 19th, Martha and I drove to Rock Hill, but Martha was prohibited from seeing her son; only his wife Sharon, who had traveled from Ohio to be with him, was allowed admittance, owing to Covid-19 precautions implemented by the hospital. Bob seemed to make some improvements, however, he died on Thanksgiving Day due to a heart attack and a third stroke. Several family members, then, were permitted entry to ICU while various machines kept his body functioning until family members traveled to Rock Hill from Ohio.

Other family members, as well as Martha and I, drove or flew back to Ohio to await his funeral. During the following week, Martha and I slept on a couch for several days before taking a hotel. Bob’s funeral was Saturday, December 4, 2021. Had he lived until December 7th, he would have been 53 years old. He had no previous heart problems.

The outpouring of condolences and the dozens of attendees to Bob’s funeral, in the meetinghouse of the Ashland, Ohio Church of Christ, brought much encouragement to family and friends. It was one of the longest funerals I have ever attended. Bob was an outstanding Christian who impacted many lives stateside and abroad. I knew Bob much better after the funeral than I had previously, though I have known him since the 1990s.

Simultaneously to Bob’s death and funeral, another son of Martha, James Noland was admitted twice to a hospital in Ocala, Florida. He had kidney stones, gallstones and blood sugar over 600; he had not previously been diagnosed with diabetes. Martha was torn about to which son she ought to respond, and expectedly, she was distraught.

We returned to our home in Ocala on the evening of December 7th, Bob’s birthday. James is out of the hospital and back to work, though he will need to have his gallbladder removed, probably in January.

We are in the midst of putting up Christmas decorations, etc. Several things were left undone in our absence, to which we need to attend.

Through everything and everywhere to which we went, God was with us and we were with Him. The Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ in Rock Hill proved to be the friendliest congregation I have every encountered; they were a source of great encouragement, and we were privileged to assemble with them on two occasions while we were in their city.

Phone calls and cards continue to come, each extending some comfort. We are thankful for every expression of sympathy. Martha and I solicit your continued prayers.

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