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Read It Before You Can Hold It

March 30, 2021

The Voice of Truth International #109 is available in digital format (PDF), though the printed version will be months away from publication and distribution. You may read it or even download it without charge by going to the following web address: The 108 previous editions as well as dozens of books and pamphlets are available also in the digital library of Gospel Gazette Online. Simply follow the following link to get started: While you are at the Gospel Gazette Online website, don’t forget to visit the current edition of Gospel Gazette Online at Besides each monthly magazine, thousands of articles are in the Archive, waiting for you to access them through the onsite search engine or through the index. All of this, too, is without charge to the user. May God richly bless your Bible studies. Visit the following.

April 2021 Rushmore Newsletter

March 17, 2021

The latest edition of the Rushmore Newsletter is ready for you at the following link.
 Therein, Martha and I (Louis) Rushmore update you regarding our ministry and foreign missions from November 2020 through February 2021. We relish your prayers and participation with us in our labors, and we are heartily thankful that we can work together for our Lord Jesus Christ. At this time, among the many things for which a child of God might choose to pray, please remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who daily are facing hardships in Myanmar or Burma as the result of a military coup overthrowing democracy there on February 1 this year. Brethren, let’s go to Heaven together and take as many precious souls as possible with us as we can.

March 2021 Edition: Gospel Gazette Online

March 1, 2021

The March edition of Gospel Gazette Online is available for your edification. It will enrich your personal studies. In addition, articles therefrom, as well as the vast archive over 20 years in the making, are useful for church bulletins, classroom instruction and sermon preparation. Some have learned from Gospel Gazette Online how to be saved and how to identify other Christians and the churches of Christ. Gospel Gazette Online is the result of collaboration and dedication by several Christian men and women. May this humble monthly magazine contribute to glorifying God and to edifying Christians and non-Christians alike.