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January 2020 Gospel Gazette Online

January 11, 2020

The January 2020 edition of Gospel Gazette Online is ready. Subscribers and non-subscribers alike are invited to take advantage of the new articles as well as the thousands of archived articles therein. Use these pages for personal study, class material, sermon preparation, church bulletins, etc. Tell your friends about this remarkable, free biblical resource.

The Last Several Days

January 3, 2020

The last several days have been dear to me as I have enjoyed each of my children and grandchildren, too. Martha and I hosted Rebecca as well as  Raymond & Crystal with their three young ones. We all spent some time together with Robert, too, at a local eatery. In addition, we were blessed with time well spent on more than one occasion with Martha’s son Jim, his wife Denise and their teenagers. Now, it’s just the two of us once more.

Back to doctor visits for Martha and me for various things. I’m still recovering from surgery on my ring finger of the left hand; the nail and an internal tumor were removed. Hopefully, that will solve some of the pain in my left hand, and unfortunately, the steroid injection has yet to mitigate the companion pain due to an injured ulnar nerve. Martha continues with her tests and such. We certainly must be doing our part to help doctors make their boat and maybe airplane installment payments!

As often is the case, I am behind in publishing Gospel Gazette Online and working on The Voice of Truth International magazines. January 31, Martha and I are to fly to Guyana, South America, where we will remain through March 2. We have an ambitious schedule that will take us throughout the tropical nation to encourage brethren and help equip them to edify themselves, edify their country and lay groundwork for installing elders in the future. We covet your prayers.