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Some Time for Ourselves

August 11, 2018

Well, Martha and I were passing through Nashville, Tennessee several weeks ago. On the way through, she saw a billboard along I-40 advertising the comedian Ray Stevens, and she wanted to go to his show sometime. Martha didn’t think she could convince me. However, relatively easy access to the performer’s “CabaRay” and desiring to please Martha, I relented. As it turned out, we both enjoyed ourselves.

Virtually everyone there was a senior citizen! Mr. Ray Stevens himself will turn 80-years-old in January 2019. Certainly, Ray Stevens had more vigor and pep than nearly anyone 20 years younger than him. I wish I looked as good as he does.

To our pleasant surprise, Ray Stevens mingled with any of his fans who remained awhile after the show ended. Martha wanted her picture made with Mr. Stevens, and so we three smiled for the camera.

Ray Stevens is as funny as he ever was. In addition, he gave the audience a history lesson about the budding prominence of Nashville in country music over the past approximately 80 years. The very well-made and decorated facility was the perfect backdrop for the dinner theatre we attended. The band and staff have been with Ray Stevens for decades, surely a family of sorts.

You’ve just got to hear “The Mississippi Squirrel” live from Ray Stevens. Medleys of his famous funny songs and some complete renditions will make happy anyone who has loved the recorded versions over the years. Take advantage of this national treasure without delay.

Within Two Hours of Home

August 5, 2018

Today, Sunday, August 5, 2018, Martha and I didn’t travel far from our Winona, Mississippi home in our travels. Just 90 miles northeast of Winona, we were only an hour and a half from our morning appointment with the Crockett Church of Christ outside of Senatobia, Mississippi. During Bible class, I acquainted brethren with our travels abroad and programs overseas for 2017 and the first half of 2018. We are always graciously received and encouraged, as we were today as well. Brother Robert Rawson is the preacher for this church. For worshipped I preached, “Just How Young Is Your Home Planet?” Brother Rawson had requested I speak concerning evolution. I also left several copies of my tract, “Did Dinosaurs Really Exist?”

Next, we scurried to our afternoon appointment with the Courtland Church of Christ. It was about a 45-minute drive, and we arrived in plenty of time for the 1 p.m. assembly following their monthly fellowship meal. (Martha and I helped eat some of the leftovers.) Here, again, we were well received and encouraged; I spoke about missions.

I spoke to both congregations, comparing combat support in the military to the essential nature of stateside brethren to foreign missions and persons who carry them out. The military views combat support as important as fighting units, for without combat support, fighting units could not function effectively. Likewise, we are thankful for every prayer, each word of encouragement and financial participation by Christians and churches of Christ that make it possible for us to apply ourselves to evangelism stateside and abroad. The latter congregation also sent back with me about 10 boxes of songbooks, which will make their way to English-speaking foreign brethren.

Winona to Memphis to Nashville—and Back

August 1, 2018

Saturday, July 28, Martha and I departed Winona, Mississippi at our leisure. We headed for Rebecca’s home in Collierville, Tennessee. We drug along behind us our utility trailer, loaded with about $28,000 worth of literature. Since we would be in the Memphis, Tennessee area on Sunday—about two-thirds of the way to Nashville, Tennessee from where we ship to Guyana, South America—it was an opportune time to tote the trailer.

Lord’s Day morning, Martha and I convened with the brethren of the East Frayser Church of Christ for Bible class and worship. We always receive a hearty welcome, which we did this time as well. During class time, I talked about foreign mission work. For the sermon later, I preached about “Bible Authority.” Brother and sister Green, who labor with the congregation, treated us to Panda Buffet for lunch.

By 1:30 p.m., Martha and I had made our way to the meetinghouse of the Collierville Church of Christ. Once more during this church’s afternoon worship, I talked about mission work in which we are involved.

All day Monday was consumed in hauling the literature to Caribbean Shipping Services in Nashville, unloading the trailer, packing shipping barrels and driving back to Collierville. We prepared seven barrels for shipment to Guyana. After they arrive in Georgetown, South America, good Christian brethren with whom we partner will distribute the books, magazines and songbooks throughout most of the churches of Christ in that nation. This is the second shipment we have sent this year. (We welcome used but serviceable songbooks, leftover VBS and class literature, communion ware and Bibles for use among English-speaking brethren overseas. Contact me by email at:

Tuesday, we arrived back in Winona in the middle of the afternoon. Wednesday, I published the August edition of Gospel Gazette Online to the Internet (

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and participation that enables us to be some service to our Lord Jesus Christ. We are partners together in any good that through our hands occurs.