Dear Ones

Sunday morning, April 22, Martha and I headed off from Winona, Mississippi through rain showers. As we often do when we are not traveling for speaking appointments, we assembled with the Old Union Church of Christ deep in the woods of Carroll County—one county west from where we reside. The gravel-sprinkled mud roads were a little slippery; once traversing the same byways minus the gravel was like driving on very dirty ice—lots of sliding and little control.

Today, I presented my newest PowerPoint on missions—finished it late last night, or so I thought. I adjusted it at the meetinghouse and even later after returning home. The PowerPoint was a summary of 2017 fall trips and 2018 spring excursions abroad—Guyana, Myanmar, Singapore, India and Guyana again. That was the subject of the Bible class hour. During worship, I preached about “Bible Authority.”

This little congregation of about 30 souls is an unsurpassed encourager and supporter of my efforts for the cause of Christ. Further, since this is the church with which we worshipped often over the past 10+ years, I’ve taught and preached more of my recent lessons stateside at this location. Usually, the lessons prepared for overseas edification of brethren are some of the ones I use in the States.

Overseas and in the USA, I am blessed by association with some of the most personally uplifting children of God that one could imagine. Members of the Old Union Church of Christ are some of these dear ones.

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