Tuckered Out!

Tuckered out! That’s all I can say, “Tuckered out!” Today, Saturday, June 10, 2017, it was necessary to nearly unload the trailer completely to make room for reclaimed literature, songbooks and communion ware from the Harmar Hill Church of Christ in Marietta, Ohio. Yesterday and last night, sisters (in Christ and familial sisters) Denise Conley and Martha Rushmore and I packaged 62 years’ worth of discarded Bible class material, songbooks, bibles and communion ware. Today, we were assisted by Rebecca Rushmore, J.D. Conley, Charlie Whalen, Kin Brewer and Paul Wells. All of us except for Rebecca are grandmothers and grandfathers! My daughter is no chickadee either!

Ultimately, all of these items will be shipped to English-speaking Christians around the world. In the meantime, Martha, Rebecca and I will be hauling them around Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky as we travel to our appointments. Then, we will pass through Tennessee back to Mississippi. Later, the recovered resources will be transported to shippers in Tennessee, Texas, etc. I hope the van pulls the trailer rather than the trailer pulling the minivan—and we have two more announced stops to pick up literature in Ohio and West Virginia!

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