Another Long Day

Sunday morning, June 4, Martha, Rebecca and I awoke in our rented room in Ashland, Ohio. After our hotel breakfast, we transferred our luggage and whatnot from our tiny room to our cram-packed minivan; all available area was taken, and only necessary space for the car’s occupants remained. Nevertheless, especially Martha persistently finds one more little thing to acquire for me to strategically place in mass filling both the automobile and the 5’x8’ trailer being pulled behind!

Shortly thereafter, we assembled with the Ashland Church of Christ. We set up a display as well as some books for sale. During Bible class, I presented my PowerPoint, “2017 World Evangelism Media & Missions.” We were well received. Martha’s son Bob Noland and his family regularly worship with that congregation. In addition, Martha spent some of her childhood in Ashland and surrounding villages, and so, the area has some sentimental memories for her.

After lunch in the home of Bob and Carla Noland with their family, we parted with travel to our evening venue in mind. First, though, we drove by the children’s home in which Martha had been a resident as a child. Next, we scouted out a local destination, Grandpa’s Cheese Barn, whereupon Martha Lynn acquired another package to add to our baggage in the burdened carriage.

Finally, we pointed the Chrysler Pacifica northward in the direction of Vermilion, Ohio. Arriving a little early, we drove to the little “Main Street Beach” on the shore of Lake Erie. Wearing hose and wanting to be presentable for evening worship is all that prevented Martha from allowing the sand to come up between her toes on the way to wading in the waters’ edge.

Arriving at the meetinghouse of the Vermilion Church of Christ, Rebecca and Martha arranged the display material and books for sale. I set up the computer and projector for presenting the PowerPoint, “2017 World Evangelism Media & Missions.” I have a long history of friendship and fellowship with the congregation. For a few years, it was my overseeing congregation in my mission work. As always, we were well received and encouraged.

Following worship, we had some ice cream and cake that was for the celebration of the preacher’s daughter graduation from high school. Then, we stopped by a fast food restaurant before leaving town.

We had in mind spending the night and the next few days with my son Raymond in Newark, Ohio—over three hours away. Conferring with him by phone, we decided to head that way in the night—arriving around midnight. It was a long day, and by 12:15 a.m. we were in bed.

Upon waking the next morning, we discovered that Raymond’s dog ate four of our microwavable meals. He cleaned up after himself, leaving only the debris from the packaging! He acted just like a dog!

Raymond is at work; he left around 3 a.m. For the next few days, we will relish time spent with him before we continue on with speaking appointments and visiting family members. Too, I am spending time on Gospel Gazette Online and other miscellaneous office work—at the kitchen table. It is raining, which might affect some of the outside sightseeing we might otherwise do while visiting Raymond. Lying ahead of us are appointments in various congregations in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky; we plan to visit family in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and maybe New York. We are and will be bouncing around these states like a fast-moving, mad Ping-Pong ball ricocheting off the boundaries of these several states!

Oh, by-the-way, Martha went for a little ride with her son Bob on the back of his motorcycle. I wonder if next she’ll be shopping for tattoos!

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