Martha, Martha

Monday, February 21, we set out for the Williamsburg Church of Christ in Rose Hall, Guyana, South America. It was about a 4-hour drive with a few stops along the way, one of which was the new grocery store near Georgetown. It was a one-stop-shop for me. Of course, just about every time the car stops, I need to use the facilities. We also picked up a few groceries including our necessary drink of Coke. We prefer diet coke, but it is hard to find in Guyana. We settled for Coke Zero.

We passed through many little villages on our journey to Rose Hall. Some of the names are Garden of Eden, Now or Never, Rebecca’s Lust and Number 4. At another time, we traveled through Paradise, Land of Canaan and Chester. These are some interesting names of places to me.

96-dpi-4x6-martha-marthaUpon our arrival, we met some of the brothers and sisters. One young sister is very special to me as we are both named Martha. She is about 16 years of age and is a very beautiful young lady. I pray as she matures, Martha will always stay faithful to our Lord and Savior.

The theme for these workshops is Emulating Jesus. The service was about two hours, with brother Nigel and Louis each teaching one lesson for about 30 minutes to all who were present. Then, we separated the ladies from the men. The men went upstairs to do their lesson while we ladies stayed in the auditorium.

At that time, I got to do one of my favorite things; I had the privilege of teaching the ladies. It is so inspiring to watch their faces when I am speaking. I can see how they are craving the Gospel. These classes seem to go by so fast. These workshops were set up to build up the brothers and sisters in Guyana, but I feel so rewarded.

My aim in teaching is to first glorify God. Secondly, my hope is to edify my sisters in Christ. I do believe I am building them up, but they are uplifting me so much more.

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