Beginning 2017

96-dpi-wedding-25Since this is my first blog, I will start with January 1, 2017. Louis and I were married at my home in Ocala, FL between services with five of our children, three of our grandchildren and a few close friends present. Colin Williamson tied-the-knot, and he did it very tightly.

We did not have time for a honeymoon. After church services, we spent Sunday evening with our family since we do not get to see them very often as we live so far apart. It was good laughing and enjoying one another—bonding the two families together even though we have known each other for over 25 years.

On Monday, we shuttled Rebecca, Raymond, Bob, Carla and Bryan to the Orlando International Airport so they could fly to Tennessee and Ohio—back home to work. They had quite a lot of interesting experiences before getting home. Rebecca’s flight was delayed, but she did make it home that evening. The other four’s flights were cancelled until the next day because of heavy fog and mechanical problems with the plane. Needless to say, lots of prayers were said, and patience was needed.

Louis and I started our marriage on the run, and this is how we like it. We are now in Guyana, South America for six weeks—working for the Lord and enjoying every day with which the Lord has blessed us.

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