96-dpi-4x5-trailer-of-books-and-computer-equipmentYesterday (Tuesday, December 20), Jerry and Paula Bates as well as Rebecca and I loaded an outbound trailer of this-and-that. First, Jerry and I placed an exercise bike—otherwise known as a clothes rack—in the trailer; Jerry and Paula are going to give it to one of their children. Next, boxes of 35 The Voice of Truth International were carefully packed around that equipment; Jerry and Paula were going to hand off around 70 of those cartons midway between Winona, MS and Springfield, MO to brother Byron Nichols. Lastly, the trailer load was completed with old and out-of-service computer equipment; Jerry and Paula will drop such off in Arkansas for recycling.

96-dpi-5x5-martha-and-shark-jawsWith only two weeks remaining before the nuptials of Martha Lynn Noland and myself, she is gallivanting around Florida at Sea World with some of her grandchildren. Days like that are her last days of freedom! Likewise, my last days of freedom intervene between the present and just a few days from now when we will be wed, Lord willing (on New Year’s Day). Truth be told, neither of us cherish them, but having made the decision, we are more than ready to proceed together in life as well as in service to our Lord stateside and abroad.

There is much to do! We have doctor’s appointments and shots to get. We have lessons to prepare. We have wedding preparations to make. We have visits scheduled with numerous congregations prior to and following our upcoming mission trip. We have insurances and various accounts to amend, and broken appliances, etc. to fix or replace. Yet, as calmly as possible, we will persevere. Together and through Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:13), we can meet almost anything that may come our way (Revelation 2:10).

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