The Party’s Over!

96-dpi-4x6-lectures-1Three days of lectureship hosted by the Satyavani Church of Christ in Kakinada, India have come to a close. Each day, sessions were offered mornings, afternoons and evenings. One hour yesterday, about 900 people crowded into the second floor upper room of the church’s meetinghouse. I presented part of my series of lessons on “Come Meet Jesus,” speaking a total of eight times across the days. Brother Therman Hodge spoke the same number of times, plus he preached on the Lord’s Day.

96-dpi-4x6-lectures-2The congregation hosts a children’s home, and the youngsters were ever present and a joy with whom to interact daily. Between the two of us, brother Therman and I saw to the acquisition of 65 plastic, woven sleeping mats on which the children will sleep as they slumber nightly on the floors of the respective rooms for boys and girls. All ages are represented among the children except for infants. They are truly happy and blessed despite not afforded all that every child deserves.

Tomorrow, brother Therman and I will part ways. I will travel by car to Vishakhapatnam and lodge overnight in a hotel. Saturday morning, I will fly to New Delhi. Brother Hodge will stay behind for Sunday worship in Kakinada and speak for the local congregation with which we have been for several days. Sunday evening, he, too, will make his way to Vishakhapatnam for the first of a series of flights back home to the USA.

It has been a true joy for me to travel with brother Therman and to share the venues in two countries. On November 21, I, too, will wing my way, Lord willing, back to the USA.

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