Worshipping with the Satya Vani Church of Christ

96-dpi-childrens-class-2Today, Sunday, November 6, 2016, brother Therman Hodge and I assembled with the Satya Vani Church of Christ in Kakinada, India. For readers in North or South America, our Lord’s Day arrived nearly 12 hours before the arrival of your first day of the week.

96-dpi-childrens-class-1Brother Therman lodged last night in the “holy man of God’s” “small Upper room on the wall” (2 Kings 4:8-11) on the third floor of the church building; Bonnie and I previously resided there in past years. Being present in the meetinghouse as the youngsters from the children’s home assembled outside his bedroom for their morning devotional, brother Hodge seized the opportunity to interact with the young ones and teach them a Bible lesson.

96-dpi-4x6-81-rupeesA couple of hours later upon my arrival at the church compound, it was my turn to speak to the children. I was requested to speak about mission experiences to them, whereupon I narrated some of my efforts in 2016 in Myanmar and Guyana. Some of the young ones asked thoughtful questions. At the conclusion of our time together, a very unexpected and humbling thing occurred. The children’s home children bestowed on me 81 Rupees for us in my ongoing mission work around the world! The hearts of those little angels are far bigger than the $1.22 equivalent in US money to which their generous gift amounted.

96-dpi-4x6-worship-2For worship, brother Therman preached a fine lesson, which brother Joshua Gootam interpreted to the Telegu-speaking audience. Though the congregation only meets once on the Lord’s Day, between Bible class and worship, the saints fellowshipped, studied God’s Word and worshipped four about four hours. The children’s devotionals were additional and preceding the assembly for classes and worship of the balance of the church. Around 300 gathered for worship, and the church is ably led by elders and served by preachers and numerous other brethren.

96-dpi-4x6-worship-1In many ways, Sunday worship seems to me to resemble first century worship by Christians in ancient Palestine. Brother Therman and I were privileged to step back in time and worship with God’s people whose Christian faith is surely timeless.96-dpi-4x6-printing-1

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