Thought Better of It

I had planned to attend to lawn care at my residence today – overdue, and if it were for the hot, dry weather lately, I’d be looking at a hayfield instead of attempting to bring order to an unruly yard. I thought better of it – or convinced myself otherwise. My back was already hurting, and yard work certainly would only aggravate it some more.

I persuaded myself that it was more important to tend to some duties at the office. Most of my work is done sitting at a desk or behind a steering wheel or standing in an assembly or a classroom to preach or to teach. Wednesday, September 21, 2016, I completed amendments to the four teenage class books on which I have been working in collaboration with others for many months. Then, I sent the files electronically to the FTP server of a printing company in Hong Kong. I followed the directions of my associates in this project to let out the printing for 1,500 copies of each of the quarterly booklets. The cost for such a venture will hover around $10,000, but the price for the full-color, glossy paper production is enough less than having them printed stateside to go overseas with that bid. Literally, this literature will ride a slow boat from China to the USA before traveling by rail and truck halfway across this country to us.

Still, such an undertaking is not as simple as depressing a key on a computer keyboard to tell a desktop printer to print. Especially overseas printing and shipping is more nearly like a dance until all of the details are accomplished to the satisfaction of all parties – us as the publisher and the printing company.

In addition, I started the dance with a nearby printing company half an hour north of Winona for printing some reminder postcards pertaining to subscriptions to The Voice of Truth International. We have not used this printer before and are happy to find it and explore the possibilities for various kinds of printing and the costs. Presently, depending what it is and what the current price quotations are, we print various things in Minnesota, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Nigeria and Ghana. Betty added Mississippi by printing her 2-page newsletter in Grenada, MS. (Who can believe a mere two pages from an infamous tome writer?)

Speaking of dancing (figuratively), I drove my moving wreck back to Greenwood, the city, the scene of the carnage, and dropped it off at a dealership. Tomorrow finally, an insurance adjuster is supposed to pass judgment on the jalopy so maybe I can move forward on either having it repaired or to trade it in for a working model.

To my chagrin, the car dealership employee who made arrangements with me yesterday to meet him and exchange my auto for a rental wasn’t there. It was his day off! An hour and a half later, though, I drove off the car lot in rented car that smelled very much like a dirty ashtray. Even when I put groceries in the trunk following Bible class, the truck smelled strongly like a smoke-filled bar. A heavy application of spray air freshener plus three air freshener clips attached to the air vents and I was able to tolerate the odor.

Tomorrow, we will have guest workers – volunteers – to help Betty process her newsletter for mailing. I will probably help carry some of the supplies and completed work about the office and warehouse. In addition, I need to move some stock (boxes of books) around to make ready for the arrival of Volume 89 of The Voice of Truth International, maybe as early as next week. I also need to move the things pulled from my wrecked vehicle so the space where they are lying now can be used for incoming The Voice of Truth International.

I’m getting older and uglier by the day; my arthritis has been agitated by the fender bender (i.e., reshaping of the back of my van, courtesy of the front end of a pickup truck and its driver who vanished into the dark of night in the hit and run). Betty Choate fell and injured her shoulder to the extent she is anticipating surgery. Jerry with his aching back is traipsing about India at the moment. What a motley crew we are, nevertheless, fully engaged in serving our Lord stateside and abroad through various avenues of communication. Please remember us in your prayers.

Oh, by the way, late tonight I finished another PowerPoint presentation in preparation for the Gospel meeting next week in which I will be speaking. The material should also prove useful overseas in October and November as I leave my footprints in various Asian countries.

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