Batesville, Mississippi

The Batesville, MS Church of Christ and I become more familiar with each other the more often I visit it to acquaint these brethren with my foreign missionary labors. Once a year, it is my good pleasure to make such a visit, and last night (9/11/16) was my appointment for this year. A few days ago while I was having a bite to eat in Grenada, MS, a Christian brother from Batesville happened upon me and bought my supper.

Sunday night, I made my PowerPoint presentation about my 2015 Asia and 2016 South American mission trips. Very few in the audience suffered jetlag and fell asleep! Several brethren were not only very welcoming but also encouraging.

Monday, I was moving slowly due to a restless night with a backache from my Wednesday night auto accident. At the office, I packaged three book orders, and subsequently I mailed them. I prepared and made a bank deposit from funds received Sunday. I drove to Grenada, MS to get price quotes from and to inquire about a printing company that we have not previously used. I prepared for mailing “Thank You” cards for money received Sunday and for the scans of checks received at my sponsoring congregation, the Siwell Road Church of Christ in Jackson, MS.

Regarding my wrecked car, I find myself in a quandary. I am hamstrung between my insurance company insisting that I use its designated estimator at a local collision repair shop and an automobile dealer. There’s around $5,000 difference between the two regarding the cost of repairs, owing to two things. The local shop will use “recycled” (i.e., junkyard salvage) parts and the dealership will use new parts. In addition, the local shop did not disclose the cost of labor in its estimate. Theoretically, I can opt to have my car repaired at a place of my choosing, but the insurance company with its checkbook is trying to force me to go the cheap route. On top of that, the local shop wants a month to repair the car! All of that considered, I want to trade the automobile, but the insurance company is complicating any consideration of that. Even if I repair the car, it will be depreciated by $2,500 just because it was in an accident. All of this, the result of being the last car in a line of cars at a red light when someone drove a pickup truck into the back of my van, and then fled first in the vehicle before abandoning it and fleeing on foot. Ah, such is life, plenty of opportunities to refine one’s patience and perseverance.

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