Hit & Run

wreck1On Tuesday, September 6, I was crowned – twice! No, I wasn’t made king, not even once. Rather, Tuesday was the day that two of my teeth received their permanent crowns. For a little while longer perhaps, I won’t need someone to tag along with me and chew my food for me.

Wednesday evening I assembled with the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS. On the way back home and while stopped at a traffic light, a pickup truck plowed into the back of my van. The driver then sped off before abandoning his vehicle and limping away on foot. He eluded police, and so it cannot be proved who was driving the truck.

In excruciating pain from the impact shaking me around, still I steered away from the cars in front of me to avoid a chain-reaction pile up. My car ended up straddling two eastbound lanes at an angle with traffic driving around me on both highway shoulders; other drivers were indifferent. Finally, a woman stopped by and called for an ambulance and the police.

Several brethren with whom I had been just a few moments prior to the accident were at the scene and subsequently at the hospital. Hours and a few tests later, I was discharged from the hospital emergency room at 2 a.m. By 3:30 a.m. I gingerly crawled into bed in the home of a brother and a sister in Christ there in Greenwood.

Thursday commenced the process of contacting insurance companies, damage estimators, car dealerships, my primary care doctor, a pharmacy, etc. along with trying to maintain ordinary responsibilities. It appears that I will heal alright, though in the meantime, I have especially back pains and bruising of my sternum. My van sustained about $5,000 in damages with an estimated repair time of 28 days.

Amidst all of this, there were some funnies. I told the elder in whose home I lodged overnight, “I’ve never been invited to your house before. Now I see what it takes to get an invitation!” To another elder nearby I remarked, “I don’t know what it will take to get invited to your home.” Of course, I was jesting with both of them.

In the emergency room, I found myself signing admissions forms on clipboards held up over my face while I was on my back; paperwork is important! In the course of things, a nurse came into my room with a portable urinal and wanted me to provide a urine specimen. The odd part of that request was that that my whole body was securely strapped to a backboard on which I had been since the accident scene and for several hours afterward. I commented, “That is an interesting proposition, but I think gravity may be against me here.” All I had seen for quite a while was the North Star when I was outside and ceiling tile for my stint in the hospital. There’s the slight possibility that there was a little sarcasm mixed with my dry sense of humor. Every once in a while that nurse or another nurse would come by to check on that specimen. Hmmm!

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