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Mission Forum SpeakersFriday morning August 26, I slipped out of Winona, MS without even stopping by the office. In addition, I convinced myself that I didn’t have time to exercise that morning either before exiting town. (It didn’t take much convincing of myself to skip out of my fitness and health regimen.)

Disregarding my GPS for the first few miles until it decided to calculate a route based on my decided direction of travel, I made my way along a scenic, countryside path for around two hours toward Meridian, MS. Just in time for lunch and a menu catered especially for me, I arrived at the home of sister Sadie and brother Therman Hodge. Umm, homemade meatloaf and real mashed potatoes and freshly harvested tasting cream corn! If that wasn’t enough, this feast was topped off with homemade cake and icing crafted from a passed down family recipe.

My trek to out of Winona had two purposes. First, Therman and I wrangled for hours with potential airline carriers and routes with their corresponding prices for our fall mission trip together to Myanmar (also called Burma) and India. Part of that endeavor included each of us applying online, accompanied by stipulated fees, for our visas to Myanmar. Owing to the weekend, we probably will not hear back before Monday. After we ensure that visas are granted, we will purchase our airfare to those countries and our return trips to the USA.

The Hodges once more accommodated me as a guest in their home. Sometimes I get to return the favor as they stay overnight with me in Winona, MS. The second occasion for my visit to their home was to facilitate my attendance on Saturday of the Fourth Annual East/Central Mississippi Mission Forum hosted by the Union, MS Church of Christ (not to be confused with the Old Union Church of Christ).

The program ran from 8 a.m. through 4 p.m. with three speakers before lunch and three speakers after lunch. The very first speaker, brother Ken Gardner, made an impressive presentation and set the tone for the balance of the day. Following lecturers included brethren Joey Barrier, J.C. Enlow, Gordon Hogan, Kevin Moore and L.T. Gurganus. The attendance was encouraging with nearly a full house with which to begin. It was estimated that over 20 congregations were represented.

The Union Church of Christ is to be commended for the excellent suite of speeches by which we all were encouraged, uplifted and called upon to pursue relentlessly lost souls with the Gospel. Many present have participated in overseas missions. We look forward to next year’s spiritual buffet at the same venue. Each year so far, truly, the interest and attendance continues to increase. May God be glorified, and may precious souls be edified – both Christian workers and lost souls, too, to whom God’s servants may go with the Word of God.

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