Fortunate or Unfortunate?

Could have a double meaning!

Could have a double meaning!

After lunch (of leftover “Road Kill” – from the night before at Texas Roadhouse) on Saturday, August 13, I parted from my daughter and her domicile as I pointed my Gospel chariot westward toward Arkansas. Between four and five hours later, GPS faithfully and flawlessly led me to the residence of my host and hostess for Saturday night, the home of brother Harold and sister Tina Bryant outside of Center Ridge, AR. Instantly, I was at ease as though I were with old and dear friends. For supper, I was treated to a meal at the Bucket List Café, a local eatery in a small garage – complete with garage door! I’ve eaten there before, and as before so this time as well, the food was tasty. The décor on the walls consists of numerous witty signs.

Sunday, I was privileged to speak three times for the Center Ridge Church of Christ – “2015 Asia & 2016 South America Mission Trips,” “The Deity of Christ” and “Other Sheep” (John 10:16). That afternoon, I was the guest of brother Garry and sister Melissa Polk, and we dined at a Mexican restaurant a few miles away along a more traveled route than at Center Ridge. I’ve eaten there before as well and enjoyed it, too, previously and this time. Brethren know all the best places to eat!

No congregation receives me any more graciously than Center Ridge, and it remains my single largest supporter. In addition, individual Christian families of that little church participate with me financially also. The rapport we have with one another resulted in me being scheduled for a five-day Gospel meeting September 25-29, 2016. I’ll be back – Lord willing.

A number of factors influenced me to spend one more night in Center Ridge before returning to my residence in Winona, MS. A five or six hour drive over the night would cause me to arrive home around 12:30 or 1:00 a.m. – not an optimum time to be driving after being up all day. Secondly, it has been raining for days and continued to rain, which could have made nighttime motoring more dangerous. Third, I was tired.

Monday, then, I made my way along the highways and byways back to Mississippi. I had a good send off with a breakfast of waffles and bacon. However, while munching on my crisp bacon that I requested, my temporary crown on one of my molars came off, and I could not get it back on.

Along the trek homeward through parts of Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi, I was met with sporadic rain of various intensities. I passed at least three wrecks, two in my direction of travel, which doubtless were in part owing to the inclement weather. I, though, didn’t make it home unscathed. First, on I-40 near Forest City, AR a rock, presumably, flew up from the roadway and with a horrific impact put a multifaceted star crack in the left edge of my windshield. The crack is widening and traveling horizontally across my front glass. Then while on I-55 in Memphis, TN, yet another rock comes from seemingly nowhere and cracks the other side of my windshield! It could have been worse, and after all, I did arrive home safely, for which I am thankful to God.

So, was I fortunate or was it unfortunate that the windshield was broken a second time, obviously before I could even entertain the thought of repairing it following the initial damage? Was it unfortunate that I carried my artificial tooth home in a baggie, or was I fortunate to be able to arrange a dental appointment on Tuesday? Life is messy, and it provides innumerable opportunities to learn patience. Pros and cons considered, certainly without question, the weekend was one in which to rejoice and be happy.

Once back at the house, I attended to three loads of laundry, fed myself (without burning anything this time) and prepared “Thank You” cards to donors to my work over the past week. Nearing midnight, it’s about time to think about closing down my mobile office and heading to bed. The residue remaining that needs my attention must await the dawn of another day, if the Lord God sees fit for one more sunrise to shine and He permits me to see one more dawn.

As a sidebar, brother and sister Bryant took me to Wolverton Mountain and to the very site where the real Clifton Clowers lived, the subject of an old song. “Mountain” hardly seemed appropriate, but nevertheless, I observed what’s left of the ‘only claim to fame’ of the surrounding area of Center Ridge, AR – according to brother Bryant. I like the song and am pleased I got to put some perspective on it. Thank you, Brother.

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  1. The temporary molar coming off (omen) should have alerted you to impending “misfortune”…It is fortunate that you made it safely through all three!

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