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This week, I have worked on volume 90 of The Voice of Truth International, and it is nearly ready for final preparation before sending it off to the printing company – this time in India. Officially, when volume 90 of VOTI is distributed in late December or early January, I will be its Editor. In addition, I was able to complete preparation of volume 18, number 9 (September issue) of Gospel Gazette Online; all that remains before it is advertised to readers is for Rebecca, my daughter, to proof it so I can make final corrections, and of course, I need to wait a couple of weeks for the calendar leaf to change before broadcasting its availability.

96 dpi Biblical DiversityCOVER 5.5 x 8.5Today, a small shipment arrived at the World Evangelism Building. My latest book, half written by my late wife, Bonnie, arrived on a tractor-trailer. It is entitled, Biblical Diversity: God’s View of the Roles of Men and Women. A short read of only 84 pages, nevertheless, it is a very important biblical subject for the betterment of the church and of the home. I added it to the online book store tonight ( Inside is the most comprehensive treatment of the qualifications and of the work of elders of which I am aware. Bonnie’s good work in her writing lives on and surely will result in much edification, though she has gone on to glory, as some phrase it.

Overnight I will sleep at my very own way station or bed and breakfast in the suburbs of Memphis, TN – Rebecca’s home. As often is the case, doing so positions me for my trek tomorrow to my Sunday preaching appointment. This weekend takes me to northwestern Arkansas where I will speak three times for the Center Ridge, AR Church of Christ.

In the absence of my love, I compensate by pouring myself even more into my labors for our Lord. This means that my mobile office is open and productive often through midnight, and sometimes to 1:30 or 2 a.m. I never imagined that I could accomplish so much by adding another shift (1 Corinthians 7:34-35). Besides, being the ‘plodder’ – plodding along – as I am, it may take more time and more effort on my part to better serve our Lord than what another servant may need to invest. In any case, I press on (Philippians 3:12-14).

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