To Piedmont and Back

Fitting cabin decor for a cattle farmer

Fitting cabin decor for a cattle farmer

Saturday, August 6, after I burnt breakfast, I headed out on nearly a 300 mile trip each way to Piedmont, AL. I’d fire the chef (me), but I’d starve! I fixed sausage (all I had to do was heat the precooked patties and brown them a little), frozen diced potatoes and two, small, round waffles; the only thing I didn’t manage to blacken were the waffles, which were heated in the toaster.

Mister GPS (mine has a male voice) put me exactly in the driveway of my host and hostess for Saturday night, Stan and Carrie Rogers. I had never been to their home before. They have a beautiful vista of a series of rolling hills framing pastureland as their log home sits atop one of those majestic bluffs.

Aside from the hour wait (mitigated by the fellowship with each other), Stan and Carrie, along with John and Daphne Rogers and I enjoyed a delicious meal in a quaint setting in Cave Springs, AL. Stan and John are elders, one each from the two congregations in Piedmont that I was visiting and that support me.

Though I lodged with Stan and Carrie, Sunday morning I left their residence and proceeded to the Piedmont Church of Christ, the other congregation in town. There, it was my good pleasure to make my PowerPoint presentation in Bible class about my most recent missionary adventures in Singapore, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and Guyana. For worship, I preached about the Deity of Christ, which by the way was a live broadcast to local radio, too. I was very well received by these good brethren; I look forward to getting to know them individually better each year when I visit.

After worship, I rushed over to the Highway 9 Church of Christ not far away. Church members had already gone through the line, loading their plates for a fellowship meal. I went straight from my car to filling my plate as well. It was an exceptional spread; everything was to the liking of my palette. I enjoyed the meatloaf and baked beans so much that I got a second helping on those items.

For a 1 p.m. worship service, earlier than usual to accommodate another area wide activity, I once more made a PowerPoint presentation about my recent mission work in Asia and South America. Here, too, I was well received by brethren who I have been visiting annually for many years now.

Following worship, I made my way home, four and a half hours or so driving time plus stops along the way. I arrived home a little after 8 p.m. CST. Next week, Lord willing, I will be Center Ridge, AR for Bible class and two worship periods. The following week, I am scheduled to speak for the Clarksdale, MS Church of Christ. I will be making additional appointments between now and the middle of October, when I leave for my next mission trip. Sometime, I need to haul about 2,000 pounds of literature, etc. to a Caribbean Shipping Company agent in Nashville, TN. Between weekends, I expect to finalize volume 90 of The Voice of Truth International, readying it for the printing company. I’m sure that a few other matters will demand my attention also. By the way, next week my new book, Biblical Diversity: God’s View of the Roles of Men and Women, will ship from the printer; it is a mere 75 pages, half written by my late wife Bonnie and the other half penned by me.

May God bless each reader of my blog entry. One of these days it may be your congregation that I visit and from you that I enjoy Christian hospitality, at which time you can read about it in some future blog entry.

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