My Little Garden Spot

Well, today, I mowed the yard, including the part where I have to lean uphill over the side of the lawn tractor to persuade it not to topple downhill into the ditch at the road below. Next, the self-propelled, walk behind mower and I hugged the narrow slope and helped each other avoid tumbling head over heels. With the string trimmer, grass stragglers went down, too, and I edged the lane leading to my door and the straightedges with which I square off and hold back nature’s flora; I also shaped the pine straw around the trees and flowerbeds. Finally, I poisoned the unwelcome volunteer trees, vines, and such like obstinately protruding through the mulch and in the driveway cracks. Despite the blistering, hot, humid day, the deed is done, and the green patch on which I reside by God’s grace looks pretty good to me (except for the bushes that could use a little taming).

What, though, have I accomplished? Other than tending the garden – a garden on God’s green earth – an original divine mandate (Genesis 2:15), there are more and more important things afoot. Yes, the byproduct of the occasion outside today resulted in some bodily exercise, itself good, but not as important as other matters (1 Timothy 4:8). Comparatively speaking, everything on the planet were it all amassed in one lump as well as the entire universe, too, is not to be compared with what really matters (Matthew 16:26).

Characteristically, the other inhabitants of this sphere and I concern ourselves far too much with the here and the now instead of with the there and the forever. Nothing other than where every one of us will spend eternity will matter when each of us personally and alone appears before the Judgment Seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10) to hear our eternal assignments (Matthew 25:31-46). Hence, the here and the now ought to be consumed with the necessary preparation (2 Peter 3:11-12) to meet God in Judgment (Amos 4:12).

When I am dead, after all, even among those who survive me, it is not for a well kempt lawn for which I want to be remembered. Spiritual matters and a legacy pertaining to that by which God is yet glorified and precious souls are edified even after my demise is a nobler earthly aspiration.

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