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Mission Forum

August 27, 2016

Mission Forum SpeakersFriday morning August 26, I slipped out of Winona, MS without even stopping by the office. In addition, I convinced myself that I didn’t have time to exercise that morning either before exiting town. (It didn’t take much convincing of myself to skip out of my fitness and health regimen.)

Disregarding my GPS for the first few miles until it decided to calculate a route based on my decided direction of travel, I made my way along a scenic, countryside path for around two hours toward Meridian, MS. Just in time for lunch and a menu catered especially for me, I arrived at the home of sister Sadie and brother Therman Hodge. Umm, homemade meatloaf and real mashed potatoes and freshly harvested tasting cream corn! If that wasn’t enough, this feast was topped off with homemade cake and icing crafted from a passed down family recipe.

My trek to out of Winona had two purposes. First, Therman and I wrangled for hours with potential airline carriers and routes with their corresponding prices for our fall mission trip together to Myanmar (also called Burma) and India. Part of that endeavor included each of us applying online, accompanied by stipulated fees, for our visas to Myanmar. Owing to the weekend, we probably will not hear back before Monday. After we ensure that visas are granted, we will purchase our airfare to those countries and our return trips to the USA.

The Hodges once more accommodated me as a guest in their home. Sometimes I get to return the favor as they stay overnight with me in Winona, MS. The second occasion for my visit to their home was to facilitate my attendance on Saturday of the Fourth Annual East/Central Mississippi Mission Forum hosted by the Union, MS Church of Christ (not to be confused with the Old Union Church of Christ).

The program ran from 8 a.m. through 4 p.m. with three speakers before lunch and three speakers after lunch. The very first speaker, brother Ken Gardner, made an impressive presentation and set the tone for the balance of the day. Following lecturers included brethren Joey Barrier, J.C. Enlow, Gordon Hogan, Kevin Moore and L.T. Gurganus. The attendance was encouraging with nearly a full house with which to begin. It was estimated that over 20 congregations were represented.

The Union Church of Christ is to be commended for the excellent suite of speeches by which we all were encouraged, uplifted and called upon to pursue relentlessly lost souls with the Gospel. Many present have participated in overseas missions. We look forward to next year’s spiritual buffet at the same venue. Each year so far, truly, the interest and attendance continues to increase. May God be glorified, and may precious souls be edified – both Christian workers and lost souls, too, to whom God’s servants may go with the Word of God.

Clarksdale Bound

August 21, 2016

96 dpi 4x6 Clarksdale CoC 2Often, I do not have the indulgence of sleeping in my own bed when traveling to stateside speaking appointments because many times those destinations are too distant from my residence. However, today was an exception. About 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, August 21, 2016, I departed Winona for Clarksdale, MS, just under two hours away.

Mr. GPS (mine has a male voice) took me through Greenwood, with which I am familiar, and through Webb, Tutwiler and Dublin to Clarksdale, all of which were new to me. Not far off the track of today’s trek through field after field in the Mississippi Delta were the towns of Shellmound, Minter City, Glendora, Sumner and Mattson. It was a dreary, overcast day with spitting rain from time to time.

96 dpi 4x6 Clarksdale CoC 1Upon arrival in Clarksdale, a city of over 17,000 people, a one-way street confused my GPS – and me, too, as despite my best efforts I still found myself greeted at the end of one street with a sign indicating that I had gone the wrong way! To add a little challenge to the episode, the church sign was gone – leaving me to wonder if I had found the correct meetinghouse for the Lord’s people who were expecting me. Happily, indeed, I had arrived, and not long afterward some members came along, too. (A few weeks ago, a stolen Cadillac Escalade impacted the church sign, which had been implanted in a brick flowerbox, and carried it through the lawn until it was pinned between the front of the now demolition derby automobile and the brick church building.)

A grand building of some years ago yet it appeals to visitors today. Only a handful of brethren remain at the Clarksdale Church of Christ, who undauntedly continue to assemble to worship Almighty God in spirit and in truth. For Bible class, I made my PowerPoint presentation, “The Church in Prophecy,” and during worship, I presented the PowerPoint, “The Deity of Christ.”

Afterward, most of the congregation that morning reconvened at the local Mexican restaurant for lunch in one of the most ornate such restaurants I have ever visited. As expected, the food was excellent as well, and I enjoyed the fellowship with the local saints.

Brethren at hitherto not visited congregations are often Christian friends that I had not previously met yet. I felt at home with the Christian family that meets at the corner of Lynn and Choctaw streets in Clarksdale, MS.

As a sidebar, I observed something beside the highway that I do not recall ever having seen before – retrofitted grain silos with house windows that have been converted into dwellings. How unusual and intriguing!

Fortunate or Unfortunate?

August 15, 2016
Could have a double meaning!

Could have a double meaning!

After lunch (of leftover “Road Kill” – from the night before at Texas Roadhouse) on Saturday, August 13, I parted from my daughter and her domicile as I pointed my Gospel chariot westward toward Arkansas. Between four and five hours later, GPS faithfully and flawlessly led me to the residence of my host and hostess for Saturday night, the home of brother Harold and sister Tina Bryant outside of Center Ridge, AR. Instantly, I was at ease as though I were with old and dear friends. For supper, I was treated to a meal at the Bucket List Café, a local eatery in a small garage – complete with garage door! I’ve eaten there before, and as before so this time as well, the food was tasty. The décor on the walls consists of numerous witty signs.

Sunday, I was privileged to speak three times for the Center Ridge Church of Christ – “2015 Asia & 2016 South America Mission Trips,” “The Deity of Christ” and “Other Sheep” (John 10:16). That afternoon, I was the guest of brother Garry and sister Melissa Polk, and we dined at a Mexican restaurant a few miles away along a more traveled route than at Center Ridge. I’ve eaten there before as well and enjoyed it, too, previously and this time. Brethren know all the best places to eat!

No congregation receives me any more graciously than Center Ridge, and it remains my single largest supporter. In addition, individual Christian families of that little church participate with me financially also. The rapport we have with one another resulted in me being scheduled for a five-day Gospel meeting September 25-29, 2016. I’ll be back – Lord willing.

A number of factors influenced me to spend one more night in Center Ridge before returning to my residence in Winona, MS. A five or six hour drive over the night would cause me to arrive home around 12:30 or 1:00 a.m. – not an optimum time to be driving after being up all day. Secondly, it has been raining for days and continued to rain, which could have made nighttime motoring more dangerous. Third, I was tired.

Monday, then, I made my way along the highways and byways back to Mississippi. I had a good send off with a breakfast of waffles and bacon. However, while munching on my crisp bacon that I requested, my temporary crown on one of my molars came off, and I could not get it back on.

Along the trek homeward through parts of Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi, I was met with sporadic rain of various intensities. I passed at least three wrecks, two in my direction of travel, which doubtless were in part owing to the inclement weather. I, though, didn’t make it home unscathed. First, on I-40 near Forest City, AR a rock, presumably, flew up from the roadway and with a horrific impact put a multifaceted star crack in the left edge of my windshield. The crack is widening and traveling horizontally across my front glass. Then while on I-55 in Memphis, TN, yet another rock comes from seemingly nowhere and cracks the other side of my windshield! It could have been worse, and after all, I did arrive home safely, for which I am thankful to God.

So, was I fortunate or was it unfortunate that the windshield was broken a second time, obviously before I could even entertain the thought of repairing it following the initial damage? Was it unfortunate that I carried my artificial tooth home in a baggie, or was I fortunate to be able to arrange a dental appointment on Tuesday? Life is messy, and it provides innumerable opportunities to learn patience. Pros and cons considered, certainly without question, the weekend was one in which to rejoice and be happy.

Once back at the house, I attended to three loads of laundry, fed myself (without burning anything this time) and prepared “Thank You” cards to donors to my work over the past week. Nearing midnight, it’s about time to think about closing down my mobile office and heading to bed. The residue remaining that needs my attention must await the dawn of another day, if the Lord God sees fit for one more sunrise to shine and He permits me to see one more dawn.

As a sidebar, brother and sister Bryant took me to Wolverton Mountain and to the very site where the real Clifton Clowers lived, the subject of an old song. “Mountain” hardly seemed appropriate, but nevertheless, I observed what’s left of the ‘only claim to fame’ of the surrounding area of Center Ridge, AR – according to brother Bryant. I like the song and am pleased I got to put some perspective on it. Thank you, Brother.

New Book

August 12, 2016

This week, I have worked on volume 90 of The Voice of Truth International, and it is nearly ready for final preparation before sending it off to the printing company – this time in India. Officially, when volume 90 of VOTI is distributed in late December or early January, I will be its Editor. In addition, I was able to complete preparation of volume 18, number 9 (September issue) of Gospel Gazette Online; all that remains before it is advertised to readers is for Rebecca, my daughter, to proof it so I can make final corrections, and of course, I need to wait a couple of weeks for the calendar leaf to change before broadcasting its availability.

96 dpi Biblical DiversityCOVER 5.5 x 8.5Today, a small shipment arrived at the World Evangelism Building. My latest book, half written by my late wife, Bonnie, arrived on a tractor-trailer. It is entitled, Biblical Diversity: God’s View of the Roles of Men and Women. A short read of only 84 pages, nevertheless, it is a very important biblical subject for the betterment of the church and of the home. I added it to the online book store tonight ( Inside is the most comprehensive treatment of the qualifications and of the work of elders of which I am aware. Bonnie’s good work in her writing lives on and surely will result in much edification, though she has gone on to glory, as some phrase it.

Overnight I will sleep at my very own way station or bed and breakfast in the suburbs of Memphis, TN – Rebecca’s home. As often is the case, doing so positions me for my trek tomorrow to my Sunday preaching appointment. This weekend takes me to northwestern Arkansas where I will speak three times for the Center Ridge, AR Church of Christ.

In the absence of my love, I compensate by pouring myself even more into my labors for our Lord. This means that my mobile office is open and productive often through midnight, and sometimes to 1:30 or 2 a.m. I never imagined that I could accomplish so much by adding another shift (1 Corinthians 7:34-35). Besides, being the ‘plodder’ – plodding along – as I am, it may take more time and more effort on my part to better serve our Lord than what another servant may need to invest. In any case, I press on (Philippians 3:12-14).

To Piedmont and Back

August 7, 2016
Fitting cabin decor for a cattle farmer

Fitting cabin decor for a cattle farmer

Saturday, August 6, after I burnt breakfast, I headed out on nearly a 300 mile trip each way to Piedmont, AL. I’d fire the chef (me), but I’d starve! I fixed sausage (all I had to do was heat the precooked patties and brown them a little), frozen diced potatoes and two, small, round waffles; the only thing I didn’t manage to blacken were the waffles, which were heated in the toaster.

Mister GPS (mine has a male voice) put me exactly in the driveway of my host and hostess for Saturday night, Stan and Carrie Rogers. I had never been to their home before. They have a beautiful vista of a series of rolling hills framing pastureland as their log home sits atop one of those majestic bluffs.

Aside from the hour wait (mitigated by the fellowship with each other), Stan and Carrie, along with John and Daphne Rogers and I enjoyed a delicious meal in a quaint setting in Cave Springs, AL. Stan and John are elders, one each from the two congregations in Piedmont that I was visiting and that support me.

Though I lodged with Stan and Carrie, Sunday morning I left their residence and proceeded to the Piedmont Church of Christ, the other congregation in town. There, it was my good pleasure to make my PowerPoint presentation in Bible class about my most recent missionary adventures in Singapore, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and Guyana. For worship, I preached about the Deity of Christ, which by the way was a live broadcast to local radio, too. I was very well received by these good brethren; I look forward to getting to know them individually better each year when I visit.

After worship, I rushed over to the Highway 9 Church of Christ not far away. Church members had already gone through the line, loading their plates for a fellowship meal. I went straight from my car to filling my plate as well. It was an exceptional spread; everything was to the liking of my palette. I enjoyed the meatloaf and baked beans so much that I got a second helping on those items.

For a 1 p.m. worship service, earlier than usual to accommodate another area wide activity, I once more made a PowerPoint presentation about my recent mission work in Asia and South America. Here, too, I was well received by brethren who I have been visiting annually for many years now.

Following worship, I made my way home, four and a half hours or so driving time plus stops along the way. I arrived home a little after 8 p.m. CST. Next week, Lord willing, I will be Center Ridge, AR for Bible class and two worship periods. The following week, I am scheduled to speak for the Clarksdale, MS Church of Christ. I will be making additional appointments between now and the middle of October, when I leave for my next mission trip. Sometime, I need to haul about 2,000 pounds of literature, etc. to a Caribbean Shipping Company agent in Nashville, TN. Between weekends, I expect to finalize volume 90 of The Voice of Truth International, readying it for the printing company. I’m sure that a few other matters will demand my attention also. By the way, next week my new book, Biblical Diversity: God’s View of the Roles of Men and Women, will ship from the printer; it is a mere 75 pages, half written by my late wife Bonnie and the other half penned by me.

May God bless each reader of my blog entry. One of these days it may be your congregation that I visit and from you that I enjoy Christian hospitality, at which time you can read about it in some future blog entry.

My Little Garden Spot

August 4, 2016

Well, today, I mowed the yard, including the part where I have to lean uphill over the side of the lawn tractor to persuade it not to topple downhill into the ditch at the road below. Next, the self-propelled, walk behind mower and I hugged the narrow slope and helped each other avoid tumbling head over heels. With the string trimmer, grass stragglers went down, too, and I edged the lane leading to my door and the straightedges with which I square off and hold back nature’s flora; I also shaped the pine straw around the trees and flowerbeds. Finally, I poisoned the unwelcome volunteer trees, vines, and such like obstinately protruding through the mulch and in the driveway cracks. Despite the blistering, hot, humid day, the deed is done, and the green patch on which I reside by God’s grace looks pretty good to me (except for the bushes that could use a little taming).

What, though, have I accomplished? Other than tending the garden – a garden on God’s green earth – an original divine mandate (Genesis 2:15), there are more and more important things afoot. Yes, the byproduct of the occasion outside today resulted in some bodily exercise, itself good, but not as important as other matters (1 Timothy 4:8). Comparatively speaking, everything on the planet were it all amassed in one lump as well as the entire universe, too, is not to be compared with what really matters (Matthew 16:26).

Characteristically, the other inhabitants of this sphere and I concern ourselves far too much with the here and the now instead of with the there and the forever. Nothing other than where every one of us will spend eternity will matter when each of us personally and alone appears before the Judgment Seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10) to hear our eternal assignments (Matthew 25:31-46). Hence, the here and the now ought to be consumed with the necessary preparation (2 Peter 3:11-12) to meet God in Judgment (Amos 4:12).

When I am dead, after all, even among those who survive me, it is not for a well kempt lawn for which I want to be remembered. Spiritual matters and a legacy pertaining to that by which God is yet glorified and precious souls are edified even after my demise is a nobler earthly aspiration.

Launch of New Teen Quarterlies

August 3, 2016

96 dpi 1.5 x 2 Evangelizing Our Friends Cover 1st QtrMany months of preparation by numerous individuals came to fruition today with the marketing launch of a new for 2017 quarterly series of teen class books. My part in the process involved editing, proofing, layout, seeing to the printing of sufficient copies for marketing, shipment of free samples to hundreds of churches of Christ and amending the online book store ( accordingly. The four books are entitled Evangelizing Our Friends, Studies in Bible Characters, God & Human Suffering and Walking with Jesus.

These new books will extend the approximately 350 book titles already available through World Evangelism, 88 volumes of The Voice of Truth International magazine, over 100 tracts and thousands of articles archived at Gospel Gazette Online, a monthly Internet journal (

Not the same old thing! Each 64- to 68-page, 13-chapter quarterly sports vibrant, engaging colors and graphics with contemporary style, but with the Old Jerusalem Gospel throughout. Kevin Cauley is the author of these four volumes.

Our aim, my purpose, is to glorify God and contribute to the edification of precious souls. There is no more important sector to undergird with the Holy Word of God than our youth. I hope, I trust, that this collaborative effort will do just that.

August 2016 Gospel Gazette Online

August 1, 2016

The August 2016 edition of Gospel Gazette Online is now ready for viewing on the Internet at the website: My daughter Rebecca is my proofreader, and together we made the necessary amendments (over the phone) before publication. I’ve already started on the September issue of GGO, if you can imagine that. Looking forward is a necessary thing in anticipation of my overseas trip for many weeks a little later this year.

This issue of Gospel Gazette Online presents several Christian writers beyond the more familiar authors of recent time in the pages of the Internet journal. These good articles deserve careful consideration and will assist personal Bible studies, as well as preparation of lessons to convey to others from pulpits and classroom lecterns. May God richly bless all who turn to God’s Holy Book and roadmap for spiritual travel on earth and the all-important journey heavenward.