Boonville Entourage Descend on Winona

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Today, a dozen members of the Boonville, MS Church of Christ descended on Winona, MS to help the Winona World Evangelism team of Betty Choate, Paula and Jerry Bates, and Rebecca and Louis Rushmore. Those attending ranged in age from teenage years to seniors of a different kind. Together, we successfully tackled several projects – most of which had to do with foreign mission work.

Some of the men, Rebecca and I prepared, marked, recorded on a computer shipping manifest and stacked 110 boxes of two issues of The Voice of Truth International. These will be shipped to Guyana, South America and distributed to all of the churches of Christ in that nation. Then, we marked and recorded on the shipping manifest numerous other boxes that had been prepared already; these boxes contain used songbooks, miscellaneous Christian literature and thousands of tracts. Total, we have about 1,800 pounds of literature ready for the next shipment to Guyana – probably in August when I haul it to the shipper in Nashville, TN.

Jerry Bates with helpers prepared “preacher boxes” to be shipped overseas at some future date. Jerry, many helpers and I prepared and packed four large boxes with The Voice of Truth International that will be shipped to the Philippines in a few weeks. Paula Bates with an array of helpers in a different part of the building sorted and prepared boxes of children’s literature to be shipped overseas.

Several of the men and a couple of the women helped Jerry and me to shift walls of various issues of The Voice of Truth International. So that we can make room for future incoming magazines and books, it is important to tighten the stock whenever the magazines and books are shipped out. However, everyone was “saved by the bell” so to speak when 3 p.m. arrived and our visitors had to depart for home. Before the next tractor trailer pulls up out front, we will with or without help shift the remaining boxes to accommodate the next influx of The Voice of Truth International, which will be Volume 89.

Of course, we paused in the middle of all the hustle and the bustle to enjoy a meal and fellowship together. Help like we had today enables the little crew at the World Evangelism Building to accomplish a whole lot more in short order than we could possibly do by ourselves. Thank you.

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