Long Day in Jacksonville, Florida

Sunday, July 3, 2016 found my daughter Rebecca and me in Jacksonville, FL. We started the day out in Ocala, FL, where we had been from Monday evening last week until this morning. We spent some quality time with our dear friend and sister in Christ, Martha Noland. She was my late wife Bonnie Rushmore’s best friend, aside from our daughter Rebecca – and perhaps me, too. Martha was widowed about six months ago; her husband Bob had been an elder and a preacher over the years, and he was a friend of mine also.

On Wednesday, we three worshipped with the Central Church of Christ in Ocala. Otherwise over several days, we dined out, made abundant use of the pool – a first for me since I am skittish of more water than needed to shower – and did a little work around Martha’s home.

Sunday morning, though, Rebecca and I left at 7:23 a.m. and headed to Jacksonville, nearly two hours away. First, we met with the Chaffee Road Church of Christ. I made my PowerPoint presentation “2015—2016 Mission Trips” for Bible class and later preached with the aid of PowerPoint once more, “The Deity of Christ.” We were privileged to enjoy with these brethren a fellowship meal, preceding a second worship period, whereupon one of the elders presented a lesson.

We were wonderfully received. The Chaffee Road Church of Christ participates with me in my mission work, and it is a great encourager as well.

Sunday evening, Rebecca and I worshipped with the Riverview Church of Christ, where again, we were received so well. I presented “2015—2016 Mission Trips” for a second time during that congregation’s evening worship service. In the case of Riverview, individual families came forth to fund my mission efforts.

Incidentally, I spoke at both congregations today in the absence of their preachers. Last week I also spoke in the absence of the preacher with the church with which we worshipped outside of DeFuniak Springs, FL; next week and one additional week in July, I will be preaching for a Mississippi congregation in the absence of its preacher.

Tomorrow, on July 4th – Independence Day, Rebecca and I will begin our trek back to Winona, MS; we will divide the journey over two days. I hope that the holiday traffic is bearable and that we travel safely. July 5th, while we will also be traveling, Rebecca will experience an uneventful birthday, riding as front seat passenger alongside of me. We have been out and about for more than a week, and it’s time to return to Winona. Besides, we have guests coming to my home in connection with the annual team meeting of World Evangelism associates. Yes, I’m still working on the July edition of Gospel Gazette Online, and there are other activities calling for my attention – like preparation for speaking in a Gospel meeting next week, too. Never time to get bored, I press on and forward.

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