Florida or Bust!

Florida Rest Stop

Florida Rest Stop

Rebecca my daughter and I left Winona, MS on Saturday for Florida. What was projected to be about a 6-hour trek turned out to be more than an 8-hour slog through some stretches of highway swamped with very heavy traffic and frequent roadwork. Our first significant slowdown came on the south side of Jackson, MS, but finally that cleared up.

Later, when we ran out of Mississippi into Alabama, we encountered stopped traffic for many miles as four lanes of automobiles squeezed into two lanes and negotiated a series of stoplights. Finally, we slogged through all of that to unencumbered progress for a few miles – until we fell into more plugged thoroughfares in Mobile, AL. The arteries of the city were stymied in every direction heading toward the underwater tunnels and eastbound I-10. With a little patience we managed to make some progress, and finally the traffic thinned, but not before we had reluctantly surrendered two hours that we’ll never get back.

There was absolutely no shortage of creative driving demonstrated along the way: cars pulling out in front of fast moving vehicles, slow cars in the passing lane, convoys of cars acting as though they were jammers on some roller rink, over confident racers working a slalom as they darted back and forth around cars in both lanes, distracted drivers erratically swerving right and left, etc. There were many opportunities to practice patience as well as hone one’s defensive driving tactics!

After a long day of plying the highways, Rebecca and I arrived at the Best Western Inn in DeFuniak Springs, FL. Bonnie and I had lodged there from time to time over the years, and Rebecca and I stayed there, too, last year. Once more I checked in.

Sunday, I spoke at all three designated assembly times for the Liberty Church of Christ in the absence of its preacher, who was away. Like many congregations, the Liberty congregation is aging and dwindling in size. However, what the church lacked in a large attendance, it more than made up in enthusiasm. We received a very warm welcome. Nowhere I go do a greater number of brethren for their size appreciate our efforts any more than they do. This little flock is especially interested in the literature that I write, help publish and distribute, and every year members buy several titles for themselves.

Tired, but well fed, encouraged and in a comfortable temporary dwelling, we rested for the night before contemplating what the new day and the week ahead of us would bring. The little band of Christians sent along with us a small crate of excess literature and media for repackaging and distribution to brethren overseas. It was a good day, for which we are thankful.

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