Sister Cheryl & Brother Kishore Etwaroo

Kishore & Cheryl Etwaroo & Louis RushmoreTuesday, June 21, 2016, visitors from afar arrived at my Winona home. Brother Ed Ditto drove up into my driveway midafternoon with two passengers, sister Cheryl and brother Kishore Etwaroo. These latter two travelers are a wonderful couple and fellow Christians with whom it is my pleasure to interact for the cause of Christ annually in Port Kaituma, Guyana, South America. Brother Ditto drove them from Huntsville, AL, and tomorrow afternoon, I will take them back to Huntsville in time for midweek Bible class at the Central Church of Christ.

Having my daughter Rebecca with me this summer is special to me. It also meant that brother and sister Etwaroo had a better supper than what otherwise might have resulted from my efforts alone. Rebecca rustled up a delicious meal of homemade pizza and a nice salad. Mmm Good!

It was a delight to have in my home a fine pair in whose home I am regularly when abroad in Guyana. In addition to enjoying one another’s company and pouring over literature at the warehouse, they graciously agreed to help my daughter Rebecca and me process a small mailing of The Voice of Truth International magazines to be mailed later in the week.

My first year in Guyana for a traveling, mobile seminar, brother Kishore was my co-speaker, or I was his co-speaker. Indeed, we are Christian friends, brother Kishore and his dear wife Cheryl. They are not the first to make my Winona home and our warehouse/office at World Evangelism a destination, and I hope they are not the last. Further, I look forward to future occasions when they may be my guests, and when I may be their guest. Isn’t it great to have Christian friends all around the world?

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