Rushmore Evangelism Display

Evangelism DisplayI purchased a curio cabinet recently while up in the Amish and Mennonite country of Ohio. Two of my children, Raymond and Rebecca, helped me modify it for use as a display case of exemplars of foreign mission trips in Asia and South America on which Bonnie and I have been over the years. Not only did I haul it about a 1,000 miles from Ohio to middle Mississippi, I have been carting it around in the back of my van for a fortnight!

Finally today (Monday, June 20, 2016), following my dental cleaning in south Jackson, MS, Rebecca and I proceeded to the meetinghouse of the Siwell Road Church of Christ to offload and set up the exhibit in the congregation’s large foyer. Brother Derek and sister Hannah Broome were there, with their two little ones in tow, to meet us. Mom and dad were terrific and indispensable helpers, and the little sir and his big sister were delightful playmates for me. We snapped three pictures of the finished, lighted exhibition, and I opted to use the one with Emma inspecting our efforts. Both youngsters were drawn to and curious about it, also being gracious enough to give us their approvals signed with their fingerprints on the front glass – the first of many, I’m sure – and I hope.

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