Delta Destination

Accompanied by my daughter Rebecca, I had a Mississippi River Delta Destination for Sunday, June 12. In the absence of its preacher Gene Hill, I spoke for the Indianola Church of Christ at the Bible class hour and for both morning and evening worship services (“2015-2016 Mission Trips,” “The Deity of Jesus Christ” and “Come Meet Jesus Christ as Creator”). The Bradshaws entertained and fed us that afternoon, and following the evening assembly, several brethren convened at Wendy’s for supper and general Christian fellowship.

Rebecca and I paused on our return trip to Winona, MS to visit sister Madolyn and brother Gene Gibson in their Moorehead, MS home; Gene has been seriously ill.

Finally, we arrived back home around midnight. It was a long day, though we were only an hour from the house.

Monday, I didn’t go to the office; I only left the property to fetch some gasoline about half a mile away to feed the lawn equipment. The grass had not been mowed for at least three weeks, and it was about time. Within three hours, I had tackled the job with a wheelbarrow, a riding lawn tractor, a walk behind mower and a string trimmer. Other areas needing attention can wait for another day.

Despite not going to the office, I did attend to a lot of office work, much of which will have to be completed tomorrow and the following days. In addition, we rested somewhat to recuperate from the nearly two weeks we had been traveling through half a dozen states and living out of our suitcases. Tomorrow promises to be a worked-filled day of its own, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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