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Rebecca & Louis outside the meetinghouse for the Collierville Church of Christ

Rebecca & Louis visiting the Collierville Church of Christ

Wednesday, May 25 I departed Winona, MS and headed to Collierville, TN. That evening, it was my pleasure to be with the Collierville Church of Christ for its midweek evening Bible class. I updated the congregation regarding my mission trip earlier this year for five weeks to Guyana, South America.

I stayed over Wednesday through Saturday nights with my daughter Rebecca in Collierville, awaiting further opportunities to speak for the Collierville congregation on the Lord’s Day (Sunday, May 29, 2016). During Bible class, I rushmored through an abundance of information on “The Ministry of Angels.” For the morning worship, I preached about “The Deity of Jesus Christ,” and for the 1:30 p.m. worship, I addressed, “Come Meet Jesus Christ as Creator.”

The Collierville Church of Christ is a great encouragement to me and helps make it possible for me serve our Lord, especially on foreign mission fields. I’m blessed to have known this congregation for decades. My daily prayers include this fine church.

Rebecca and I packed the Town & Country Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon between worship services. School is out, and she doesn’t resume teaching for about eight weeks; Rebecca will be keeping me company and traveling with me stateside.

After second service at Collierville, we made haste (within the legal limit) traversing highways for two hours on our way to the Charleston, MS Church of Christ. That evening, I presented my PowerPoint, “2015-2016 Mission Trips” (Asia and South America). Following worship, Rebecca and I dined with brethren in a fellowship meal occasioned by our visit. This was my first visit back to the Charleston congregation since the passing of my wife Bonnie. These brethren likewise encourage me and participate with me my foreign mission work.

Around 8:30 p.m., Rebecca and I pulled up in my Winona, MS driveway. Tomorrow, we will tend to the yard and other necessary things before leaving on Tuesday for many days on a trip to speak to congregations in West Virginia and Ohio. We will also visit family in Ohio and Pennsylvania, Lord willing. After returning to Mississippi for a week or so, we will travel to congregations in Florida.

All along the way, I will fire up my mobile office whenever possible and attend to literary pursuits (e.g., Gospel Gazette Online, The Voice of Truth International, etc.). Through the first part of October I intend to visit stateside congregations that partner with me in the Lord’s work. In the middle of October through the middle of November, I plan to work abroad in Myanmar (Burma) and India. I may be coming to a congregation near you. If not, why not?

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