Set Course for Vincennes, Indiana

Friday, April 15
, I had intended to leave Winona, MS for Vincennes, IN, but instead I made a detour – going the opposite direction. Off and on for a few weeks, my teeth have been bothering me. Thursday night I decided that the pain was significant enough and regular enough that I needed to address that situation before embarking on a 2-week, stateside excursion. So, Friday, I made my way to Jackson, MS – two hours away – to have the dental problem examined. Brother Andy Dulaney was unavailable, and so, his son Drew took charge. The short-term solution was prescriptions for antibiotics and pain.

96 dpi 4x6 Rebecca fixing her washerWhile I was gone, seven pallets of books and The Voice of Truth International magazines arrived in Winona via freightliner. Jerry and Paula with the help of visitors Kenneth and Connie Tipton had everything unloaded and put away before I got back. Good timing on my part, huh? The local preacher lent a hand, too.

Finally, late Saturday afternoon I left Winona and headed to Collierville, TN to my daughter Rebecca’s home. Saturday night, Rebecca and I – mostly Rebecca – worked on repairing her washer. After Bible class and worshipping twice on Sunday with the Collierville Church of Christ, Rebecca and I finished mending her washer and changed out the storm windows in her doors with screens. Between worship periods, we enjoyed a very tasty lunch at Corky’s Barbeque.

96 dpi 4x6 india workshop 1Monday, I journeyed to Vincennes, IN for the India Workshop, which began on Tuesday evening. Brother Roger and sister Mary Wright are my hosts; he preaches for the Central Church of Christ in Vincennes. The last time I visited Vincennes, Bonnie accompanied me, but of course, now I am alone since her passing. The India Workshop continues through Friday, the last day really being a tour of Vincennes.

96 dpi 4x6 india workshop 2Saturday, I will be heading to the Nashville, TN area to drop off a passenger. Then, I will go over to McMinnville, TN where I will be preaching, Lord willing, at two different congregations. Tuesday, I will go to Hamilton, AL in preparation for the Maywood Missionary Retreat that will be Thursday and Friday. Eventually, I will return to Winona and return to the dentist office on May 3 to see about my teeth. All I need are some more holes in my head!

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