It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That!

Meetinghouse of the Clinton, MS Church of Christ

Meetinghouse of the Clinton, MS Church of Christ

Friday, April 8, I completed and published to the Internet the April edition of Gospel Gazette Online. The first issue was published to the Internet back in January, 1999. We are now in our 18th year of publication of this monthly journal with an archive of all those articles in addition to new material monthly.

Sunday morning, I drove the nearly two hours from my Winona home to Clinton, MS west of the state capitol. It was my good pleasure to meet with the Clinton Church of Christ, a supporter and great encourager. During Bible class, I narrated nearly three dozen PowerPoint slides about the eight weeks I spent in Asia in 2015 and the five weeks I was in South America this year. I spoke also in the worship assembly, preaching about “Desiring and Striving for Growth.”

Sunday evening, I met with my overseeing eldership to personally apprise the elders of my labors over the past several months as well as plans for the foreseeable future as I continue laboring for the Lord. No one is more fortunate than am I respecting the encouragement and moral support that I receive of these godly men, the elders of the Siwell Road Church of Christ on the south side of Jackson, MS. That evening, I also conferred and was uplifted by the two deacons with whom in particular I labor in conjunction with my efforts. During the worship period, I was pleased to preach “The Church in Prophecy”; it is a lesson especially meaningful to me as it covers so many facets of Christianity. This type of a lesson identifies the uniqueness of the Lord’s church, validates divine inspiration and emphasizes the purpose of the existence of the church, namely the salvation of souls. Similar studies are responsible for my decision to obey the Gospel of Christ a few decades ago.

Following the sharing of a meal with several fellow Christians at a local eatery, I eventually made my way back home. I arrived back in Winona a little after 10 p.m. Sometimes, Winona feels more like a way station rather than one’s abode, but it is comforting and inviting. My office is a computer irrespective of where I plugin my laptop, behind the steering wheel in the Town & Country and standing up front in a classroom or auditorium where God still permits me to exclaim the Scriptures. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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