Pallet of Literature to Guyana

Pallet of Literature to GuyanaMy poor car! It was loaded down – literally down or riding lower to the ground than normal. As it turned out, I was hauling 52 cubic feet of literature.

Having left Winona Thursday, my first stop was at Red Lobster in Tupelo, MS. There, I met up with brother Robin Dunaway, Gospel preacher and missionary. He and I sometimes meet at this convenient center point between his home and mine to confer on literature on which he and I are working. Good eats and pleasant fellowship, followed by business.

Afterward, my beast of burden (Town & Country van) and I moseyed toward Nashville, TN to Caribbean Shipping Company. We hunkered down for the night about 30 miles west of Nashville on I-40 at Dickson, TN. The following morning, I made a quick stop at the local Walmart to pick up a few last things to include in the shipment to Guyana. Sister Jasmine Milo made me promise out loud that I would include some Rice Crispy Squares along with the balance of the freight; every time I introduce her to some snack food that I take with me to Guyana, and with which she is unfamiliar, I convert here and spoil her. Not edible, I included several DVD movies in my purchases, movies that hopefully brother Nigel Milo can use from time to time at the youth hostel residents with whom he works regularly.

The agent for the Caribbean Shipping Company in Nashville is a native of Linden, Guyana, the same city in which the Milos live. He returns frequently throughout the year. Within an hour, we unloaded my van and neatly placed all of the boxes on a pallet; most previous shipments had been de-boxed and place loose inside cardboard barrels.

The picture doesn’t reveal it, but there is an upward slope into the building from where we loaded the pallet. In addition, there is a hump at the threshold. We almost didn’t get the pallet, even with the aid of a pallet jack, into the building. We eventually thrust it through the doorway, losing a few packages in the process and disrupting the stacking of the rest. We had to restack the pallet!

On their way to Guyana are Bibles, magazines (2,000 The Voice of Truth International #86), song books, tracts, communion cups, eyeglasses, sermon outline books and other religious books. Three of the book titles are intended for every Gospel preacher and many of the church leaders throughout the churches of Christ in Guyana.

Those Christians and congregations who financially underwrite my work enable me to funnel resources and tools to Guyanese brethren in every corner (each of the 10 regions) in the nation. This complements the annual nationwide seminars that we conduct wherein we try to heighten brethren’s Bible knowledge and otherwise give them the encouragement and academic tools necessary for successful homegrown evangelism.

Our Guyanese brethren are eager to accept personal responsibility for the ongoing internal and external growth of the Lord’s church throughout all of Guyana. Couple with a willing attitude, with the help afforded me by my supporters, we help them help themselves. Thank you.

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