Another Long Day

96 dpi 4x6 Ladies Day 1Friday, February 12, 2016 was another long day. Every good day is a long day; this was a good day. This morning in Linden, Guyana, brother Nigel Milo and I visited a lady who is permitting members of the church to teach her God’s way each week. Brother Milo thoroughly and expertly hosted today’s study on the lady’s steps to her humble home. The methodology and lesson context that he devised is beyond compare and worthy of widespread notice and imitation. Therefore, I encouraged him to combine his well-organized outline and narration into written paragraphs for potential publication in either book form or lesson format. He could have pressured her to be baptized today, but he (and I) prefer conversions based on informed conviction as opposed to getting someone wet and boasting of one more added to the number, who in all likelihood would soon fall away if ever darkening the door of the meetinghouse. Sometime, some methodologies ought to be inspected not by how many baptisms they produce but by the retention rate among those baptism.

We also gathered supplies for the Ladies’ Inspiration Day hosted by the Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ, which is to occur on Saturday. In 2014, Bonnie was the principle speaker, and 300+ women attended in the old cramped building, predating the new, expansive meetinghouse in which this program will transpire.

96 dpi 3x6 Ladies Day 2We had to have refilled nine big jugs of water and secure food for the event. In both the Bible study and lugging the filled water bottles, I merely tagged along. My wrists and back prevent me presently from heavy lifting. It seems that I may have arrived, at least for now, at demonstrating the lyrics of one old country song: “I am too heavy for light work, and too light for heavy work.” Carpal tunnel and arthritis pains disturbed and prematurely cut short my night’s sleep.

One of our daytime destinations was the local pharmacy. Because of the increasing frequency of pain, I have been popping OTC pain pills like candy. Hence, I was running short. In addition, I was a late night snack for one or more bugs of some sort, leaving welts on my body. Only having two Benadryl caplets with me, I needed to acquire some more for that malady. It was also imperative that I buy some more antibacterial medicated cream to prevent the badly sunburnt left side of my face from becoming infected; I hope that it also promotes speedy healing. I have never burned so badly before, but two and a half hours in a boat on rivers between Mabaruma and Port Kaituma this past week cooked me. I also bought some sunscreen.

Late afternoon and early evening, I presented two PowerPoint presentations to a large contingent of boys and girls in a youth hostel for high school students who normally live in the bush. The first was “The Church in Prophecy,” and the second was about culture in the various countries to which I go for our Lord.

Still later, I spoke to a young married couples class about marriage. In addition, I helped ever so little with some of the Ladies’ Inspiration Day preparation. Throughout the day, I also worked on the next edition of Gospel Gazette Online. Tomorrow promises to be filled as I may address the men who accompany women for their event. Early Sunday morning, two Guyanese brethren and I fly to Paramakatoi where we will conduct the seminar and a Gospel meeting for a few days. Two weeks down, three weeks to go before returning to the USA. Until next time, May God richly bless you and me as well.

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