Cotton Tree and Beyond

96 dpi 4x6 Cotton Tree 1Saturday, February 6, brother Wilbur Vyphuis, brother Nigel Milo and I moved our venue for out Mobile Guyana Seminar to Cotton Tree, Guyana. For about three hours or so, it was our pleasure to bring this year’s theme and lessons to brethren from several congregations who assembled in the meetinghouse of the Cotton Tree Church of Christ. Some in attendance had already heard the lessons the past two days at 64 Village, but they cherished not only the instructional material but also the fellowship with brethren of “like precious faith” (2 Peter 1:1). Brother Wilbur and I each presented two lessons pertaining to evangelism and transitioning responsibility for evangelizing Guyana from foreign brethren to Guyanese Christians. Later that night, we drove to Georgetown to deposit brother Vyphuis there, before brother Milo and I returned to his home and our base of operations in Linden.

Sunday, I taught Bible class; brother Nigel preached during the worship period. In addition to members, this being “Friends and Family Day,” numerous others from the community came for worship and fellowship. That afternoon and early evening, I accompanied brother Milo to home visitations, the television station and various errands. Back at his home, we readied ourselves for Monday’s early morning departure, which ultimately will take us to Mabaruma on the Venezuelan border to continue our seminar. Later in the week, we will go by boat to Port Kaituma.  Thursday, Lord willing, we will return to Linden.

While many of my friends, family and brethren in the USA are “enjoying” their winter season, I, too, am enjoying my winter foray into Guyana, South America. The temperature rises to about 82 degrees daily. Tropical vegetation is everywhere, accented by beautiful and colorful blooming flowers of all kinds. Fruits and vegetables are nearly always in season here. Then, there are the pesky miniature ants everywhere – one just ran across my computer screen! That’s not the first time that has happened, as the same thing occurred just a few months ago in another tropical environment in Asia.

What a pleasure it is to set up my mobile office here and there across the planet while seeking to do the will of the Lord and proclaim the Gospel far and wide. I truly love the brethren who take me into their homes and lives as they and I serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for sending me, or receiving me, whatever the case may be. Please remember to pray for this wandering saint – just another pilgrim marching toward glory land.

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