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Tony Blansett, Louis Rushmore, Jerry Bates & a helpful UPS Freight driver

Tony Blansett, Louis Rushmore, Jerry Bates & a helpful UPS Freight driver

Uncharacteristically of me, it has been weeks since my last blog entry. The absence of pen to paper, so to say, does not reflect a void in daily activity in the intervening days between blog entries. On the contrary, more of the same and then some might better describe the coming and going of those weeks.

Chiefly, I have been up to my proverbial eyeballs in literature – proofing, layout, writing, etc. Several simultaneous projects have been and are ongoing. One of the primary areas to which I have been devoting myself has been preparation of The Voice of Truth International #88. Volume 87 is about to be printed (in Hong Kong) and shipped to the States. Significant lead time is necessary for quarterly publication and distribution of this magazine. Especially has that been true this time owing to the impending overseas trips of both sister Betty Choate and myself, her to Asia and beyond, while I make my way to South America.

Two New Books

Two New Books

The fruit of some of my literary labors was realized recently as two of my newest books arrived by tractor trailer outside the World Evangelism Building in Winona, MS. One books is entitled Preaching the Whole Counsel of God to the Whole World, Volume 1; it is a 232 page book of full-sentence sermon outlines, mostly about Jesus Christ. The second title is Christianity: An Explanation; this 300 page book is intended to be a one-stop resource to take a Christian to spiritual maturity. It also could be used for six months of Bible classes or as a reference book.

Sunday, January 24, I taught Bible class and preached for the Old Union Church of Christ in Carroll County, MS. Brother Mike Schmitz who preaches there was ill, and I was more than happy to fill in for him. Happily, though hospitalized for a couple of days, he is on the mend.

As I write this, I am comfortably nestled in my daughter’s living room, enjoying her new furniture. She even gave me the great seat with its electric reclining features. I’m all packed up and ready to leave out of Memphis International Airport in the morning. The first leg of my flight will take me to Miami International Airport. Once there, I will board another flight, which will take me, Lord willing, to Georgetown, Guyana in South America.

For the next five weeks, I will be flying aboard little Cessna and similar planes over jungles as well as riding fast boats up big rivers through those jungles; sometimes, I will travel by land when in coastal areas. Two Guyanese brethren and I will travel to between 15 and 20 venues throughout the entire nation. We will present Gospel meetings and seminars within reach of every congregation of the Lord’s church in the country. We do this annually. Along the way, we have additional teaching opportunities such as teaching high school students and taping TV programs.

I will have my mobile office with me, and when electricity is available, I’ll fire it up in the mornings before the day begins or in the evenings before I retire for the night. Occasionally, I will also have Internet available, which not only will afford me some contact with family and coworkers, but will facilitate transmission of some of the literary projects on which I will be working. For instance, I haven’t even begun working as of yet on the February edition of Gospel Gazette Online; I have just been too busy with other time-sensitive activities.

I’m thankful for the Christians and congregations of the churches of Christ who have made it possible for me to engage in all of these activities, including this mission trip to Guyana. The trip out of the country, if our Lord permits, will last from January 30 through March 8. Prayers will be appreciated.

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