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Rebecca & Raymond at Grenada Lake (MS)

Rebecca & Raymond at Grenada Lake (MS)

Saturday, January 2, Rebecca and I drove our respective cars from Winona, MS to her Collierville, TN home. She needed to get back home so she would be in place to resume teaching school on Monday, and I was headed to her house to use it as a way station, so I would be in place for a Sunday afternoon preaching appointment.

We made a couple of stops along the way: $1.48 for gas at Murphy USA in Batesville, MS (that was with my 5 cents per gallon discount for using the Walmart credit card), Texas Roadhouse in Horn Lake, MS for “lupper” (too late to be lunch and too early to be supper) and a semi-fruitless stop at a retailer.

Sunday morning, Rebecca and I worshipped at her home congregation, the Collierville Church of Christ. Instead of attending that church’s 1:30 p.m. second service, my daughter and I instead headed out to my 3:30 p.m. appointment with the East Frayser Church of Christ on the north side of Memphis, TN. The former brethren support my missionary efforts monthly, whereas the latter brethren participate with me annually when I visit and occasionally at other times throughout the year. Both churches are a delight with whom to worship God in spirit and in truth; both congregations are great encouragers to me.

Monday, I headed back south the two hours to my Winona home, the parsonage-like arrangement afforded me and for which I am thankful. Stops along the way included purchasing some equipment for my impending mission trip at the end of the month, and of course, buying gas once more. Not only did I feed the car, but I fed me a “lupper” meal at Cracker Barrel in Batesville.

Tuesday, much of the day was consumed traveling the two hours south from Winona to the south side of Jackson, MS for a dental appointment, the appointment itself and the return trip. Apparently, I needed a couple more holes in my head!

I felt so good Tuesday, I remarked silently to myself. I didn’t even wear the wrist brace for my left hand to stave off the excruciating pain that often affects my fingers. My back problems were under control; nothing hurt. However, my fingers hurt all night – entirely disrupting my sleep, and neither over the counter nor prescription meds could diminish the acute, sharp nerve pain. All day Wednesday and into the night, the pain persists. I only hope that wearing the brace day and night for a few days will bring order back to my universe. Now is not the time to consider carpal tunnel surgery as I’m about to leave, Lord willing for five weeks in Guyana, South America; I fly out of Memphis on Saturday, January 30 and return March 8.

Despite painfulness, I managed to make a bank deposit, prepare and mail “Thank You” cards to donors and a few other things. Keeping busy is actually a distraction from the pain and is working better than medicine presently. Other sundry things, naturally, drew my attention at the office, too. For Bible class, I communed with the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS. As I write this blog entry, it is nearly 11 p.m. I’ve answered correspondence, tended to finances (and realized that I left a receipt for gasoline hanging on the gas pump 35 miles away) and done some domestic chores before I entertain slumber.

Especially tonight, my “blog entry” sounds a lot like “Dear Diary” scribbles. Well, at least whether anyone is interested or reads it, I’m persuaded that it is good therapy for me. Otherwise, it’s almost like being here alongside of me for those who may tune in, follow me (maybe pray for me) and from time to time express encouragement to me.

(The picture above is of Rebecca and one of my sons, Raymond, during the Christmas holiday. I took Raymond – and Rebecca – to Grenada (MS) Lake, but somebody moved it! A lot of it was missing!)

Postscript: By the way, my birthday was Sunday, January 3, too. Nothing special; just another day. It was special, though, because it was the Lord’s Day. I don’t know how it happened, but I’m 62-years-old now.

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  1. Barb Harris Says:

    Dear Louis, Praying for your wellness for you so you can do the most good on your mission trip. Thank you for the wonderful materials that you sent and I received yesterday. I can hardly wait to read them all. I know some of your grief and pain but I am 78. I wish to encourage you, too.

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