If you stop and think about, the so-called weekend – any weekend, is really “weekends,” forasmuch as each “weekend” is comprised of the end of one week and the beginning of the next week. However, occasionally I see a calendar somewhere that portrays Monday as the beginning of the week and Saturday and Sunday as the last two days of the week, as though those two days were in actuality as we commonly speak of them “the weekend.”

Well in any case, let me tell you about my “weekend” or “weekends.” Saturday once more I had a disturbed night’s sleep because of acute pain in my back and awoke in significant, unrelenting pain – the kind that time and time again makes it nearly impossible for me to even get out of bed. However, sometime after taking a prescription pain killer the pain eased enough for me get up and around, and the more I moved about the better I felt. I was almost giddy because I felt so well in contrast to most of the last two months. Later though, the pain returned and I could not bring it under control. Once more pain forced me from my bed to a recliner in the living room. With another dose of pain meds, I was able to function. Otherwise, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to worship God (Sunday, December 13, 2015) with the assembled saints.

Training the little ones right

Training the little ones right

Not only did I manage to get up, I cooked food for a fellowship meal at the Old Union Church of Christ – meatballs, 5-cheese ravioli and Ragu tomato sauce. It was also my good pleasure to speak for the congregation in Bible class and the morning worship. For class, I showed my PowerPoint presentation “2015 Fall Asian Mission Trip,” and for worship I preached about “Redemption, Forgiveness, Justification and Sanctification.” The night before, I made a PowerPoint presentation to go along with that lesson, and my proverbial guinea pigs (figurative reference to test subjects) were the brethren at Old Union. It worked out well, an improvement over previous occasions teaching that lesson – despite trying to keep my wits about me operating two computers simultaneously – one for my sermon notes (a mini computer at the pulpit with me) and a second one at a distance and manageable with a clicker for the PowerPoint.

Eating together is about as riotous as Christians get.

Eating together is about as riotous as Christians get.

Following worship, the full house – inclusive of local members, members from sister churches of Christ and community folks – feasted together. Young and old enjoyed themselves.

Bonnie's headstone amidst a sea of fallen leaves

Bonnie’s headstone amidst a sea of fallen leaves

Before departing the Old Union premises, briefly I visited my wife’s grave. This time of year, fallen fall leaves blanket the graveyard except for the tombstones that protrude up from the sea of brownish and reddish leaves.

This evening I stayed home, owing to bad weather and severe back pain that made any movement nearly impossible. Apparently, I can keep the pain at bay when reluctantly I resort to some prescription pain killer, and repeat the process about every five hours. My brother four years my junior is confined to a wheelchair, and I am going to do my best to keep moving by whatever means necessary until I lie down and die. There is work to be done on every front (e.g., The Voice of Truth International, Gospel Gazette Online and other literature and books to format for publishing, lessons to write, etc.) prior to my departure on January 30, Lord willing for five weeks in Guyana, South America. The e-tickets have been purchased, and all systems are go, as long as I succeed at pain management.

My blog is essentially “my dear diary” and self-inflicted therapy, I suppose. Yet, it does help me keep my friends, family, Christian brethren, encouragers and supports abreast of happenings related to me and efforts put forth respecting the cause of Christ. In any case, the price is right for a personal outlet and may serve some other purpose as well.

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