X-Rays, CT Scan, Plus Secular and Religious Appointments

Mobile Office Aboard an Express Train in India (2015)

Louis Rushmore’s Mobile Office Aboard an Express Train in India (2015)

Thursday, December 3, I rendezvoused with my doctor once more this year – again regarding pain in my back and side. At the start of the year, intense pain led to emergency surgery for a severe gallbladder attack. Three times now later in the year I sought relief for a different malady – nagging, reoccurring, sometimes acute back pain. Once in the spring and again while aboard a flight between India and France I could barely move at all due to intense pain. This summer I also fell in the bathtub and severely bruised my ribs on the tub side. So Thursday, the doctor sent me for x-rays to determine the source of my ongoing pain.

Friday, began with a fast, except for the two bottles of contrast liquid I drank in preparation for a CT scan. Leaving the local hospital where both the x-rays and the CT scan were obtained, I headed up the Interstate toward Horn Lake, MS. Arriving at the school where my daughter teaches at about 1:30 p.m., I happily acquainted a couple of classes and staff with foreign culture through a PowerPoint presentation and a display of foreign clothes, money and other items. I had just returned from eight weeks abroad in the Asian countries of Singapore, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India.

Following the close of the school day, I followed up on missed phone calls that came in during the PowerPoint presentation at school. The results are in! My medical tests confirm that I have degenerative arthritis in my lower back and pelvis. For the next 30 days at least, I will continue to pursue the least powerful over-the-counter pain medicine that can address most of my pain. In one month, my doctor and I will reassess my circumstances and decide how we will move forward. In any case, I do not intend to voluntarily stop moving and working for the Lord as long as I can push through. Yet, I realize that I am going to have to stop helping to load and unload tractor-trailers of literature at our World Evangelism warehouse, and a truck is due any time! I am going to have to find some serious help with yard maintenance, especially the embankments. It will all work out.

Sunday, it was my pleasure to assemble with the Collierville Church of Christ, one of my supporting congregations and where my daughter Rebecca has worshipped for nearly two decades. I made my PowerPoint presentation about my 2015 fall mission trip to four Asian nations. During morning worship, I preached my PowerPoint sermon, “The Church in Prophecy.” After lunch and prefacing afternoon worship, I worked with young people through my novel approach to learning Bible maps and my Buckets of Bible Time. Then, during afternoon worship, I preached, “Did Dinosaurs Really Exist?” We considered biblical and extra-biblical historical evidence respecting the coexistence of mankind and dinosaurs. The conclusion was that one’s confidence is correctly and well placed in the Bible – God’s Word, which does, in fact, speak about dinosaur-like creatures.

Sunday night, I slogged through some sluggish websites to purchase airline tickets for my next overseas trip – this time to Guyana, South America. Lord willing, I leave January 30 and return to the USA on March 8. Over those five weeks, typically I speak in 15 seminars distributed throughout that country, preach two Gospel meetings, teach in a high school boarding house, tape television programs, teach Bible classes and preach on the Lord’s days.

Monday, I will make my way back to Winona. On the way though, I look forward to visiting brethren and enjoying their company over a meal out together. However, it will be a working lunch as we collaborate on ways to be of better service in the cause of Christ.

Next Sunday, I will be with the Old Union Church of Christ in rural Carroll County, MS, whereupon I will make my mission presentation and preach during worship. The following Sunday, I long for the renewed opportunity to do the same with dear brethren of the 10th Avenue Church of Christ in Columbus, MS. I covet your prayers as I travel stateside as well as overseas, endeavoring to glorify God and edify all with whom I have contact, especially brethren.

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  1. Louis, I followed your posts made during and after your recent trip. Your continued dedication to this work is appreciated by all faithful Christians. Our prayers will continue for you especially for your physical ailments. I know the Lord will find a way for you to get the heavy lifting done.

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