Hit the Ground Running!

Mission EmphasisTuesday evening November 17, my daughter Rebecca retrieved me from the Memphis, TN International Airport and carted me to her Collierville, TN home. For me, it helps to mitigate jetlag somewhat for it to be time to go to bed upon arrival back in the States. Then also, when I awake too soon for the stateside time zone, I force myself to stay in bed and at least rest for the next four hours or so.

Wednesday evening, I happily renewed my Christian friendships with the good brethren of the Collierville Church of Christ, where Rebecca has worshipped for nearly the past two decades, and which is one of my monthly supporters. The auditorium Bible class was taught by a young man who is a student at Memphis School of Preaching, from which I graduated just less than 40 years ago.

Saturday morning, Rebecca and I took the Chrysler Town & Country van on its first outing since I left for my fall Asian mission trip two months ago. However, it got a little warm up as Rebecca used it to pick me up at the airport; with my hurting back, she surmised that the bigger vehicle would be kinder to me than her smaller car.

Eight and a half hours after departing Collierville, we arrived at the home of sister Barbara and brother Robert Wright in Charleston, TN. Annually, they have hosted Bonnie and me before my wife’s passing, and they continue to extend their hospitality to me; this was the second time that Rebecca likewise had enjoyed their gracious kindness, too.

Sunday morning, we all worshipped together with the Central Church of Christ in Cleveland, TN; this congregation also is one of my monthly supporters. After lunch and at the 1:30 p.m. worship period, it was my privilege to speak and present a PowerPoint about my recent 8-week foray into four Asian countries to teach and preach the Gospel of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.

Afterward, Rebecca and I boarded our Gospel chariot and pointed it toward my Winona, MS home, which I had not seen for over two months. Seven and a half hours later, we pulled up into the driveway of my residence. Wearily, we extracted from the car only the necessities and ambled into the house. Shortly thereafter, we were both in bed for some much needed rest and sleep. I could not have made the journey all the way home that night without my daughter driving the last 200 miles. The trip back was a day’s work in itself atop of the aforementioned activities, coupled with lingering fatigue from just recently returning from 12 time zones away on the other side of our planet.

The trek back to Winona in a way resembled travel by plane. We crossed through portions of the states of Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi along our homeward path. Whew! I’d be even more tired just thinking about it if it weren’t that such travel is standard fare for the mission reporting and biblical lessons I present particularly across much of the eastern USA annually. Now, to catch up on a myriad of things that could not be accomplished in my mobile office on planes and in hotel rooms across the globe!

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    Prayers for you as you continue in the Lord’s work ❤

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